Birthday Parties for Kids
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Birthday parties for kids are fun, exciting and memorable experiences!

I understand the challenge of finding reliable and engaging children's entertainment. 

Parents want the best they can give to their child for his or her birthday. Sometimes, though, we may not know where to look or who to trust for this special day.

Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment helps you achieve success at your child's birthday party.  We do this with creative balloon animal designs and colorful, fun face paintings.

Kids run to their parents yelling, "Look at me, Dad! I'm Spider Man!" 

They are so excited!

They don't want to wash their faces. 

They will keep their face paint on through the night if you let them. LOL!  And, children don't want to part with their balloon animal either. 

This becomes the best party experience for kids and their grownups.

Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment excels at excellence in serving YOU on your child's most important day.  We...

  • get back to you
  • show up early to your party 
  • allow you and your guests to enjoy your party experience.

Isn't this exactly what you want from your entertainer?

We're looking for busy parents who want engaging party experiences without any stress.

Birthday Parties For Kids - Party Experiences

The Awesome Party Experience is the most popular party package.  Parents looking for face painting and balloon twisting enjoy a fabulous time. 

Guests start off with fun face painting followed by our engaging balloon guessing game. 

Enjoy the many compliments you'll receive while your little one loves their party.  This 2.0 hours of awesomeness is $325.00.

Ideal for 12-20 children.  If outside Vallejo, IRS mileage rate of 0.55 cents plus bridge toll may apply.

Epic Slime Party and Balloon Madness - Limited Time

Birthday parties for kids wouldn't be the same without some SLIME.

It's the best kind of messy, creative fun your child will love!

I'll be honest:  it's messy.  No worries though because there is no clean up for you!  I contain the mess so kids have the freedom to experiment.  Kids adore the hands-on play and creativity slime provides.  It is one of the coolest sensory play activities around.

I come with everything, set up all the supplies and we get started making slime!  After 45 minutes I do a quick clean up and move onto my popular Balloon Guessing Game.  Kids try and guess at what I'm making while I twist balloons together. 

This 2.0 hours of epic slime and balloon madness is $250.00.  (Ideal for 15-18 children.)  If outside Vallejo, IRS mileage rate of 0.55 cents plus bridge toll may apply.

Balloon Mania Party Experience - Silver

Birthday parties for kids are so much fun with the Balloon Mania Experience. It's a blast for kids and adults! Children gather around as I pull balloons together, inflate them and begin twisting.

They won't know what it is so I offer a clue for kids to guess at and the win the design! That design could be anything from a gigantic octopus to a huge ice cream cone to a turtle ninja.

The kids won't know what to expect! This fast paced game keeps children engaged, promotes creativity and sharing.

This 2.0 hours of balloon mania is $215.00.  (Ideal for 15-25 children.)  If outside Vallejo, IRS mileage rate of 0.55 cents plus bridge toll may apply.

Face Painting Experience - Bronze

A Face Painting Experience is hugely popular at birthday parties for kids and adults.  Kids love becoming princesses, superheroes, magical unicorns and butterflies.  

They do not want to wash their faces making face painting a perfect choice for your party. 

Illustrations of full face and eye designs available on a menu board so guests easily choose what they want.

This 2.0 hours of face painting fun is $185.00.   (Ideal for 12-20 children. More than 20 children requires additional time.)  If outside Vallejo, IRS mileage rate of 0.55 cents plus bridge toll may apply.

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