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Balloon Twisting ~ Face Painting ~ Slime

Children party entertainment is super important when celebrating milestones like first birthday parties.  Parents often want the best entertainment their money can buy.  They also want to be sure the entertainment they do hire is enjoyed by their guests.

When you are already a super busy mom juggling work, a commute, family and social commitments, party planning can be tough. 

There are so many moving parts, right? 

You need to figure out the date, time, venue, food, theme and kinds of entertainment you'll offer.

The easiest, yet not always the most memorable, is simply setting up a bouncy house. 

However, birthday parties and events where entertaining kids is important, a bouncy house is not always the best choice.  When possible, it’s better to personalize a party experience with something more…

Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment can help you! 

We help busy moms with birthday entertainment challenges. 

We do this with our incredible balloon animal creations and fabulous face paintings.  We make your party a success so you enjoy lots of compliments along the way.

You want your child’s party to be fun!  So do we!

...guests were impressed with the intricacies of your balloons.... You were very friendly and approachable....  (Amanda Cruz)

Children party entertainment choices...

We specialize in kids entertainment and our services include...

  1. balloon twisting
  2. face painting
  3. slime parties
  4. glitter tattoos
  5. joyful decor

Balloon animals for parties are always a hit. 

You cannot go wrong with this choice because kids (and parents!) have not seen the types of balloons we create.  With hundreds of different colored balloons in our balloon bag, a one touch inflating pump and our imaginations, kids love to see our balloon creations come together.

A balloon animal is tangible. 

Kids can hold it, wear it on their wrist or head with a hairband or save it for later.  The colors, the design, the size all contribute to make balloon animals popular. 

And, with smaller parties, children receive more than one design.

Balloon animals for parties princess wand, Vallejo

Elaine was amazing, gentle, accommodating and patient with the little ones.

(Bridget Nestor-Arjun)

Face painting at children’s parties is another super popular choice.  Boys and girls adore being painted particularly when we add glitter, gems and lip gloss to finish the look. 

Face painting is a fun kind of pampering. It's a cool children party entertainment experience.

All attention is focused on the child in the seat.  Mom or dad is snapping photos and recording the transformation.  They see their little one become a unicorn, cheetah, Spider Man or another design of their child’s choice. 

Face painting is a magical yet temporary way to be something different. Boys run to their mom and dad shouting, "Look at me dad, I'm Spider Man!"

Minnie Mouse face painting sisters.

They're so excited and proud of themselves! 

Kids don't want to think about washing their faces.  Lol! They have so much fun becoming someone or something different. 

That’s the cool thing about face painting! 

It allows children to imagine what they can be without restrictions.  For this reason, face painting truly special.

Slime parties are another children party entertainment experience that has become very popular recently. 

There is a huge slime craze going on right now. 

Kids love this squishy, messy stuff. 

You will, too, because you don’t do any clean up!  Simply enjoy allowing your guests to get creative adding glitter, foam balls, beads and other items to their slime so they come away with a unique creation.

The whole squishy, sensory experience is absolutely heaven for many kids.  Children party entertainment is so much fun when you offer unique experiences for kids to enjoy. 

Slime making is best enjoyed by kids four years old and up. 

Easy party experiences mean YOU choose the fun for YOUR family. 

You can mix and match your choices or do a standalone experience.  It all depends on you and the memorable experience you want to share.

Mickey Mouse ride-inside balloon car, Vallejo

After contacting several people in search of a face painter/balloon maker, I found Elaine on Facebook and again on Yelp so I thought I would give her a try. I'm so glad I did! She is amazing! When I messaged Elaine she was prompt to respond and was very personable and friendly. I felt comfortable with her from the get go. Elaine kept the communication open ... and let me know what I could expect....

Whether you are a busy parent or an event organizer, children party entertainment involves many details.  Figuring out where you'll host your party is critical because a park experience is different than an indoor experience.  Outdoor parties can be windy, too sunny or otherwise have inclement weather.  It’s always a good idea to have an alternate plan in mind in case a party at the park doesn't work out.

You’ll also be researching and determining the food you’ll serve, party games and décor for your event’s theme.

Most importantly, though, is your children party entertainment. 

How do you get started? 

No worries, we’ve got you covered.

  • Begin with our no stress booking process. 
  • Check out the party entertainment tab on the right and see your party experiences. 
  • Customize the options available for your event. 

After you complete the free party quote form, you'll receive a confirmation of your submission.  Once I receive your submission, I’ll send you an email.  The email details pricing, availability, party experiences, expectations of me and a PayPal link. 

Once you pay your 20% deposit via PayPal, your party is entered into my calendar.  I follow up with you a week before your event to check in and see about any changes you may have.

Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment helps you with creative party entertainment.

You can relax while your child and their friends have a fabulous time!

And this means...

  • your child loves their party
  • their friends have an awesome time
  • YOU get compliments for providing great entertainment. 

Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment is licensed with the City of Vallejo.  We also have liability insurance we make available in the form of a certificate for your event.

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