50th Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

You have so many choices when considering 50th birthday party decorating ideas.  Without a doubt fun décor is needed for the celebrant and his/her family and friends attending. 

This is such an awesome milestone to celebrate so change up your space and to make the birthday party much better for your friend or family member. Here are a few tips on 50th birthday party house decorating ideas.

A few easy 50th birthday party decorating ideas...

A photo booth is fun and very popular at parties and events.  Guest want a way to capture the good times they're having and, while everyone pretty much as a cell phone and can take pictures, a photo booth is just plain fun. 

  • A photo booth gives you lasting memories and fun props you can use to create interesting photos.
  • Include fun hats, silly speech bubbles, quirky glasses and more all related to your theme and capture the fun images to include in a photo album for the person's birthday.

A scavenger hunt is a cool activity for the birthday celebrant particularly if you're putting together a surprise birthday party.

  • This could be a little tricky, however, to keep the birthday boy or girl surprised because they may wonder why they're hunting for things. 
  • It's not everyday we hunt for various objects so you need to carefully plan this particular activity. 

If you're okay with the celebrant knowing the hunt has to do with a celebration, then there's less pressure for you to try to hide it.  And, too, there may be less explanation needed.  It would be a super fun to pull this off and have different guests participate in making this fun. 

And, lastly, you could consider a throwback party. Research the hit songs from the time the celebrant was born and decorate with products from the year of their birth.  This kind of theme is fun  and nostalgia is a great way to share interesting memories from the person's past.

Decorating ideas can be found on Pinterest, Instagram and by Google search to give more suggestions about what would work best for the theme you're developing.   If you're working with the celebrant find out what they want and try to make that possible for their party. 

You'll need to consider budget, timeframe to plan the party, numbers of guests attending and how you'll pull it all together.  The outcome is sure to be enjoyed by the birthday celebrant and their family and friends.

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