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Face Painting Instructions for Cute Girly Ghost
October 23, 2018
Hello, Face Painty Friend!

How are you?

I hope you are having a great day.

With Halloween nearly upon us, I wanted to share my cute girly ghost design with you.

This design is quick to do using only the following 5 colors (less if you're in a time crunch).

Paint used include:

1. TAG purple, pink, red

2. Wolfe black

3. FAB white

4. Loew-Cornell brushes #3 round and #1 round liner

Steps to follow...

1. Draw an outline of your ghost in white first for the shape you want.

2. Fill in with white paint leaving two unpainted areas for the eyes.

3. Add purple bow and purple for eyes.

4. Add light pink for cheeks.

5. Outline in black and draw a small mouth with a red tongue.

That's it!

Have fun with this design!

Any questions for me?

If there is something you're curious about regarding face painting let me know...

Reply to this newsletter. I read everyone's comments and will get back to you. :)

Until next time, paint on my friends....

Your paint pal,


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