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Face Painting Instructions for Snoopy
October 16, 2018
Hello, Face Painty Friend!

How are you?

Today's face painting instructions are of the loveable Snoopy.

Yaaay! Snoopy!

Do kids these days even know who Snoopy is?! I don't think my kids do. lol! It so strange since I grew up loving Snoopy and Charlie Brown cartoons. I even had a stuffed Snoopy I took everywhere with me when I was little. Poor thing was threadbare from all the petting, hugging and squeezing he got! ;-)

Okay so I'm definitely dating myself..., but what cartoons did you love when you were a kid?

And, more importantly, do any kids in your circle even recognize cartoons you liked? lol!!

Okay so for the Snoopy design I used FAB white for the base while using FAB black for the detail work.

Please note these are affiliate links. I only recommend face painting products I use in my business because I like them and have good results using them.

Until next time, keep painting my friends....

Your paint pal,


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