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Face Painting Step-By-Step for Pumpkin Design
October 30, 2018
Hello, Face Painty Friend!

I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday....

In today's face painting instructions we have a simple pumpkin design. It's largely line work after getting the overall shape painted.

This, too, is a relatively quick design for on-the-job Halloween face painting events.

Paint used include:

1. TAG Orange and TAG golden orange and TAG light green.
2. Diamond FX Black
3. FAB white
4. Loew-Cornell #3 and #1 round brushes.

Steps to follow...

1. Draw an outline of your pumpkin in orange for the shape you want.

2. Draw in a green handle on top.

3. Fill in with orange paint.

4. Start by making one black eye on the right larger and then one smaller on the left.

5. Draw on the eyebrows and make a smile.

6. Add the white squares for teeth and dots for whites of the eyes.

7. Outline and draw on the lines to create sections of the pumpkin.

8. Add golden orange to make eyes appear carved out.

The steps above seem like a lot, but it goes rather quickly.

As always have fun with this design. Embellish with leaves, swirls and additional line work as you like.

Until next time, paint on my friends....

Your paint pal,


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