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Face Painting Step-By-Step for bear
November 06, 2018
Hello, Face Painty Friend!

How are you?

Today I'm sharing face painting instructions for an easy bear design.

Supplies used:
1. TAG brown
2. TAG gold
3. Wolfe black
4. Fab white
5. TAG pink

1. Loading my filbert brush with brown and then mixing it with gold gave me a soft brown combination you see in the photo. Otherwise, I feel my brown is too dark and flat without the gold shimmer.

I used a Mark Reid filbert brush to create the head and body of my bear. The filbert brush makes quick work for the ears, tail and paws.

2. After getting my basic bear design down, I added a touch of pink for the inside of the ear and a little pink for blush on the cheek.

3. Lastly I outlined the design in black using a number one round brush like the Loew-Cornell I enjoy.

The bear design is cute as is or you can add in a flower.

4. I loaded my filbert brush with white paint and starting from the bottom of the petal pushing down and then up into the center of the flower lessening the pressure as I go. Ideally you'll have narrowed tips at the center which you can then add a yellow circle over or, in my case, liquid bling gold.

Quick and easy this design is popular on kids wanting something on their arm or cheek. Embellish as you like with time permitting.

Until next time, paint on my friends....

Your paint pal,


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