Why Babys First Birthday Party Is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

I absolutely love babys first birthday party! 

It is a beautiful time to look back on all that has transpired in your life since your bundle of joy came into the world. 

So many things have changed for you!

Celebrate the joy your new human being has brought to your life and the lives of your family and friends.  Babys first birthday party is special and most especially it's a lovely time to reflect upon how much your life has changed over the last 12 months.

Babys first birthday party challenges...

While this milestone is one of the best to celebrate, planning babys first birthday party can be both exciting an a teeny bit stressful. 

Okay, a lot stressful.

Lets face it. 

You may not have ever planned anything this important prior to your little one's arrival in your life and you want it to come together seamlessly.  Perhaps this is a first grandchild adding more significance to this event. 

While the party itself is mostly about everyone celebrating the good blessings you've received, it's also a crazy time for many parents because they want to throw a huge and often lavish celebration.

I've entertained at babys first birthday party many times and I've identified the top five stressors new moms face.  Below is the list with tips on overcoming these challenges.

Start early.  Save yourself some frustration by planning early. 

Begin the planning process at least 3 months in advance of the party date.  The first thing to figure out is your budget.  Once you're satisfied with amount decide on what you want your party to achieve.

Get a venue.  Host the party at your home, a friend's house, park or a hall, but establish this right after the budget. 

The venue will determine how big you'll want to go with your theme, décor, entertainment, activities, photo booth, DJ and caterer.  You also want to be certain the venue has been reserved for your party.

Enlist help.  As a new mother you're busy and while you may want to do a lot of this yourself that's gonna be difficult. 

You're already tired if you've started back to work, are still nursing and taking care of responsibilities at home.  Get friends and family to help you price shop food, décor, entertainment, invitations, etc.  Anything you can hand off to a trusted family member or friend will reduce your stress levels.

Entertainment.  Figure out if you'll want entertainment for the kids coming to your child's birthday. 

What are their ages? 

Maybe a bouncy house could be something fun for them?

Hire a face painter or balloon artist to engage and entertain the kids.  The adults want time to socialize with you and give lots of hugs and kisses to the birthday child. 

The kids at the party want fun activities and cool things to for the few hours they're there. Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment helps entertain your guests so you can enjoy your party.

Enjoy yourself.  While the party is for your baby's first birthday, it's also a time for you to reconnect with people you love.  Your time as a new mother is consumed with many responsibilities so having a chance to chill and just visit, drink some wine and have some laughs will revitalize you. 

Babys first birthday party is an incredibly special time for you. 

Get started early on the planning, enlist help from friends and family and most importantly enjoy yourself.  Celebrating this milestone only comes around once so definitely make the most of it.

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