How Balloon Animal Supplies Made
Me a Better Person

Crazy yet true, balloon animal supplies made me a better person.

I know it sounds like hogwash.  The thing is five years ago I began twisting balloons.  I didn't know a dang thing about balloon animals at the time.  I did know they were cute.  And, I knew my daughter loved getting a balloon animal whenever we visited San Francisco's Pier 39. 

I still had no clue on where or how to begin.

It also was not clear what supplies I needed to start my new interest.

The good news is my challenge is now a shortcut for you to get started twisting balloons.  Balloon twisting is a pretty cool hobby to take up. I've learned it can also be a fun and rewarding side hustle.

You don't need to spend much either so there is a low risk to try it out.

What type of balloons do I need?

You do need the right type of balloons to twist. 

Disappointment awaits you when you buy balloons from a WalMart or a Dollar Store.  Qualatex balloons made from biodegradeable latex withstand the rigors of twisting much better.

It makes sense to work with safe-for-the-environment balloons.  Organic disintegration takes time about 12 or more months.  The best thing is these balloons do break down unlike their plastic counterparts. 

Definitely check out Qualatex 260Q Balloons to get you started.

Another reason to use Qualatex is balloon twisters use these balloons.  If you are a mechanic you need the right tool to change a tire.  The wrong tool could ruin the tire or cause injury to you. 

Cheap balloons mean increased popping when twisting. 

The popping will frustrate you. 

Popping happens.

Yet too much popping can discourage you from further twisting.

No, I don't recommend you to go the cheap route.  Get the right balloons for the best results.

Once you do look into acquiring balloon animal supplies, get a bag of Qualatex 260q balloons.  The numbers -- 260 -- refer to diameter and length of the balloon.  A 260 is two inches in diameter and 60 inches long. 

Where do I get my Qualatex balloon animal supplies?

You can Google balloon distributors in your area to find out who serves your market. Qualatex does not ship to consumers or businesses.  Instead, they direct businesses to use distributors carrying their products. 

I buy balloons from Continental Sales in Sacramento, California. 

Some distributors have a small sale rule before they'll ship any products to you.  For this reason, you may want to buy balloon animal supplies from Amazon.  They're more expensive yet in smaller quantities so it's easier for you to use.

You will need a balloon pump

After you've got the balloons, you'll need to get a balloon pump to inflate your balloons. A balloon hand pump is how all twisters begin. You can buy a double action pump which means the pump inflates both when extended and collapsed.

Single action pumps work well, too, but air goes in only when you collapse the pump. It's not a big deal but you need to do more pumping to inflate your balloons.

The only other items to include in your balloon animal supplies are...

  1. Two black Sharpie fine or medium tipped markers for art work;
  2. A pair of small scissors; and 
  3. A white Sharpie paint pen to add white dots to the eyes of your designs.

You will find, as I have, learning to twist balloons is creative and enjoyable. Your balloon animal supplies will make you a better person, too.  Since now you can bring joy and happiness to this world when you twist balloon animals.

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