Why Balloon Animals for Parties are More Tempting than a Cinnabon

Hey, I love Cinnabons. 

But Cinnabons versus balloon animals for parties? Hm-mm, tough choice but not for kids! Kids will go for balloon animals every time.

You can get Cinnabons at your local grocery store. You'll find them stocked in the pastry section of your local super market. Yep, any day of the week you can pick up a container of them. 

What about balloon animals?

Well for sure you can't find them at your local supermarket. No, Walmart doesn't stock them although they would if they could. And then that would take away the uniqueness of balloon animals.

You may wonder does the uniqueness of balloon animals matter?

Yes! I twist balloon animals at parties on a regular basis. I offer face painting and other party experiences but I always come back to balloon animals.

Balloon animals for parties are awesome.

I'm a bit of a balloon animal geek. My kids entertainment journey began with a bag of balloons and balloon hand pump.  Once I started, got positive feedback from friends and family, I kept on going.

I love balloons!

I love the colors, shapes and sizes.

I love how twisting different sized balloons makes awesomeness before my customers' eyes.  They had no idea I would make an octopus or a parrot or a penguin. They never saw it coming and that's what makes balloon animals so cool.

Kids know how special balloons are. That is why children go crazy for balloons. If a balloon is floating on a string in a store you can be sure your child will want one. If a child sees balloons tied to a sandwich board directing you to an open house, they tell you.

Mom! Dad! Look at the balloons!

They want you to know they saw them. Balloon animals are always a hit in my experience. Kids can hold the design, play with it or keep it safe and out of harms way. 

Balloons do pop and they can scare kids.

Most children still come back for more.  I have met very few children who are afraid of balloons.  The opposite is true!  They want more and more balloons.  If they could get five balloon animals at their party they will be over the moon.  Kids soak up every chance to get another one even after popping the first balloon animal.  Children have an insatiable desire to collect more balloons!

Balloon animals for parties wins every time for kids entertainment. 

Make your child's party a success when you hire a balloon artist to twist balloon animals.  Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment can help you with birthday entertainment.  Give us a call!

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