Balloon Artist Business Earns $1,000 A Month

A balloon artist business can earn a $1,000 or more a month. I know because I wrote the book to help others build a side hustle twisting balloons.  It's a fun and profitable way to make money with balloons.

Not another book you say?

No, it's not any kind of book because it's field tested.  I wrote this book about how to build a balloon twisting side hustle because I've been doing it for the last three years.  The extra money has helped me pay off bills, take vacations with my family and save some money.

Making balloon animals is a fun, creative way to earn money.  Balloons already bring joy to children and adults so it isn't difficult to get parents to want your services. 

Moms want something fun (and different!) for their child's party and you can provide it.

Balloons lift our spirits when we're feeling down. 

As simple as balloons may seem, they easily create happiness and joy.

One of the best things about a balloon artist business is how happy you make people. Consider for a moment, what you do each day to earn a living. 

Does it make you or the people around you genuinely happy? 

Balloons do! 

And, twisting balloons in front of excited children who are disbelieving of what you're doing is the best kind of fun!

You can earn a $1,000+ a month twisting balloons for parties.  I know it's possible because I do it. 

Don't get me wrong. 

Effort is needed because you are building a business.  Customers will rely on you for your balloon twisting services.  As more families learn about you and your balloons you will get referrals.  People will be happy to recommend your services.

Fairy balloon animal on a headband.

When I started learning back in September 2013, I couldn't find enough information on the subject.

I wanted answers to questions like...

  • Where do I buy twisting balloons? Is there such a thing!?
  • Where do I learn balloon animal designs?
  • How hard is it to twist balloons?
  • How can I get started today?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What can I earn?

That's why I wrote this book. 

I didn't have the information I wanted when I started.  By doing the heavy work of writing Twist Balloons Profitably How to Build a Balloon Twisting Side Hustle you can get your business going faster.

Balloon twisting secrets inside the balloon artist business

There are many opportunities to twist balloons. 

  • Restaurants
  • corporate picnics
  • baptisms
  • engagement parties
  • wedding receptions, and
  • birthday parties are just a few celebrations where you can offer your services. 

And, as you get better you can offer easy balloon decor options to your customers as well. 

Twist Balloons Profitably How to Build a Balloon Twisting Side Hustle$9.97 Twist Balloons Profitably How to Build a Balloon Twisting Side Hustle

Don't wait to get out there and book gigs! 

  • Let family and friends know you make balloon animals for parties. 
  • Offer balloon animals to customers who want to give them out at school parties. 
  • Make birthday balloon centerpieces

There are many opportunities for you to earn money with balloons.

I've taken the last three years of building my entertainment services and put it into this eBook. 

Lady bug balloon animal on a hairband.

Learn more about...

  • recommended balloons
  • tying a balloon knot
  • supplies to get started
  • balloon pump options
  • taking photos of your work
  • establishing know, like and trust
  • insurance
  • systems so you don't miss a gig
  • deposits and contracts
  • social media basics with Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram 
  • entertaining other people's kids
  • being proactive with clients
  • marketing
  • what to do at your first gig

Get my sample booking response and a basic contract.  I'm not a lawyer so check with legal counsel in your area to be sure the template is appropriate for your services.

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