Balloon Artist Business
Earn $1,000 a Month

How to Create a Successful Balloon Twisting Side Hustle eBook

A successful balloon artist business means you can earn $1,000 or more a month.  How should I know?  Because I'm doing it.  I'm a working balloon twister and I have fun making balloon animals at parties.

Not another book you say?

No, it's not any kind of book because it's field tested.  I've been twisting for over five years.  The extra money helped pay off bills, take family vacations and save for a rainy day.

Twisting balloon animals is a fun, creative way to earn.  Balloons have a nostalgia to them bringing joy to children and adults.  For this reason alone, it's relatively easy to get parents to want your services. 

Moms want something fun (and different!) for their child's party. 

YOU can provide it.

As simple as balloons may seem, they create happiness and joy.

One of the best things about a balloon artist business is how happy you make people. Consider for a moment, what you do each day to earn a living. 

Does it make you or the people around you happy? 

Balloons do! 

Don't get me wrong. 

It takes effort to learn to twist balloons.  You'll want to learn some nice designs, but nothing so complicated a 10 year old couldn't do it.  Once you do a couple of parties families will talk about you.  They'll be pleased to recommend your services to their friends..

When I started there wasn't enough information on how to build a balloon twisting side hustle.

I wanted answers to questions like...

  • Where do I buy twisting balloons?
  • Where do I learn balloon animal designs?
  • How can I get started today?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What can I earn?

That's why I wrote this ebook, How to Create a Successful Balloon Twisting Side Hustle.

Balloon Twisting Secrets Inside a Balloon Artist Business

There are many opportunities to twist balloons, including:

  • restaurants
  • corporate picnics
  • baptisms
  • engagement parties
  • wedding receptions, and
  • birthday parties

These are a few ideas there's also grand openings, employee appreciations and more. 

Don't wait to get out there and book gigs! 

  • Tell family and friends.  
  • Make balloon animals and give them away.
  • Make them at your friend's next party.

Learn more about...

  • recommended balloons
  • tying a balloon knot
  • supplies to get started
  • balloon pump options
  • systems so you don't miss a gig
  • deposits and contracts
  • entertaining other people's kids
  • being proactive with clients
  • what to do at your first gig 
  • marketing

Get my sample booking response and a basic contract. 

I'm not a lawyer so check with legal counsel in your area.  Be sure the template is appropriate. 

You can learn to twist balloon animals and then twist them for parties!  So many people will find your services on Yelp, Google and from your website as well as community events you do.  It'll take time to build your reputation as a twister, but not as long as you may think.  Provide great customer service, ask for reviews from customers and be seen twisting a community, corporate and private events.  You'll get gigs in no time.

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