Balloon Business in 5 Easy Steps

A balloon business can be a profitable side hustle. 

When it comes to extra money each month, consider serving families and businesses celebrating milestones.

There are hundreds of celebrations going on all over. 

Think about events happening in your area.  They may can include, but are not limited, too...

  • birthday parties
  • anniversaries (both wedding and business)
  • retirements
  • christenings
  • baby showers
  • house warming events 
  • corporate picnics

As a practicing balloon twister in Vallejo, California, I do many events like those listed above.  A little knowledge and some elbow grease and you can earn money doing the same in your area.

5 Steps to a balloon business...

Lets get to it!

Step one:  Ask yourself "Why" you want to build a balloon business and not "If" you can build one.  You can create a balloon business to serve families and businesses in your city, county or region. 

In particular, I learned to twist balloon animals. 

Balloon animals for parties is popular.  Parents are eager to hire you because balloon twisting is not a skill everyone offers.  This alone makes your service different. 

You can build on this foundation.

Do you like balloon decorations?  Terrific!  A balloon business can focus on either decor - selling balloon arches, columns and centerpieces - or entertainment. 

I mostly do entertainment where I attend birthday parties and corporate events to twist balloons.  

Balloon businesses can - and often do - include both entertainment and decor.  You can specialize in one service or offer both.  The choice is yours and what works with your goals.

Step two:  Check out the competition in your area.  If you live in a small rural town a balloon business could be challenging.  The challenge is getting enough bookings to support your service business.

Do you have access to a metropolitan area?  I live outside San Francisco.  I don't have to travel to the city for work because the population of the Bay Area is estimated at 7 million

That's A LOT of opportunity!

Keep in mind, twisting balloons is not common.  As a twister, you are not a "dime a dozen" giving you an edge.  With the combination of lots of families and a specialized skill with twisting balloons or decorating with them, you can and will get work. 

Part of your research should include Thumbtack and Gigsalad to see what others are quoting for their services. 

What services do they offer and what do they charge?  

A balloon artist business can focus on creating balloon animals and sculptures, and the owner may also provide decor, too.  If your entertainment service is slow you can make it up with balloon decor offerings and still make money.

Girl holding a ghost balloon animal on a candy cup.

Step three:  Figure out the value you bring to your customers.  You are not ordinary.  The services you offer will not be ordinary either.  People are amazed by balloon twisting. 

Every party I twist balloons parents and children love my work.  They have not seen it before and cannot stop commenting how neat it is, which I enjoy hearing. Lol! 

Whether you offer balloon decor or balloon twisting, a balloon business adds tremendous value to the customer.

Here's why:

  • Events are personal and milestone celebrations such as for a one-year-old are often elaborate.

  • Moms booking your service want to look great to their friends and family.  They are excited to brag about "hiring a balloon artist" for their child's birthday.  I hear this often enough to know having my skills at an event makes a difference for the person organizing it.  The mom looks like a superstar!

  • Your balloons make the event memorable.  This is a huge.  Birthdays in particular are so important to the child celebrating, and they're equally important for parents.  Moms and dads want to capture everything to document their child's special day.  You being a part of the event makes it so much more special.
Spring color half arch for birthday decor.

Step four:   Check out YouTube channels to learn basic twisting lingo and designs.  There are tons of videos on balloon decor if you want to learn arches and columns. 

Balloon arches and columns are traditional decor and still very popular.  This service alone can be the bread and butter of your business.

Learn some of the basics of balloon decor structure, inflation, size, design ideas and then offer your balloon decorating skills.  And, if you want to add twisting skills which I highly suggest, you can become a deco-twister.

A deco-twister does traditional decor with twisted elements like the photo at the top of this page.  You'll find all kinds of pictures of deco twisting on Pinterest.  For now you can purchase a basic twisting DVD from Amazon or check out YouTube.

Amazon also sells inexpensive balloon pumps and balloons.  Find a DVD you like and start practicing.  In a weekend you'll have the basics down.

Airplane balloon candy cups.

Step five:   Get out there and do it!

Yes, my friends, you must take action.  You can think about doing a balloon business but without getting out there and actually doing it you will not earn any money.

When I first learned balloon twisting in September 2013, I offered to twist at a fall festival for my child's school.  I had only learned designs two weeks earlier!  A couple of years later I began regularly booking paying gigs.

It takes hard work to build a business. 

Honestly, any business you start will take work, fortunately the easiest business to start is a service based one.  Think about lawn care services or landscaping.  These are services that solve a problem.  Customers need lawn care or landscaping because they do not have the time or are not in good enough health to do it themselves.

This is also true for a balloon business. 

You must solve a customer's problems.  Moms want balloon twisting for their parties.  They want entertainment to keep the kids happy.  Providing a wonderful party experience is what moms' want when they book your service. 

Customers will also want balloon decorations for their events because beautifying their party space is important to them. As long as families and businesses celebrate milestones, you'll be busy keeping up with demand.

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  • recommended balloons
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  • systems so you don't miss a gig
  • deposits and contracts
  • social media basics with Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram 
  • entertaining other people's kids
  • being proactive with clients
  • marketing
  • what to do at your first gig 

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