Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

These birthday party entertainment ideas will help inspire your creative thinking skills.  Birthday parties can be so much fun when there's something for your little guests to do.

If they have nothing to do it just won't be fun.  And, of course, the birthday child won't be all that happy.

To fix this, first determine if your party will be outside or inside.

If you're planning to host your party outside you've got local parks you can use.  This is a great choice because you'll usually  have a jungle gym available and you can rent a bouncy house.

Reserve your space at the park early so you're sure to have it.

An indoor party will require a different plan since you won't want the kids running around, but you want them entertained.  You have some options to consider:

Professional entertainment

Depending on your budget and the numbers of children you'll be hosting consider hiring professional entertainment

Professional entertainers can include:

  • face painters
  • balloon artists
  • caricaturists
  • bubble makers
  • magician

The age of the children attending and the interests of the birthday child drives this decision. 

If your child is shy, talk with your entertainer about this before hiring them.  You want to understand how they deal with a child's shyness.  You also want to be assured the attention your little one receives works for them.  You don't want your child to be scared or uncomfortable.

Being the center of attention isn't for every child and this aspect has to be handled in a delicate fashion.

Mobile petting zoo

If you want some cool birthday party entertainment ideas to further excite your audience, than consider a mobile petting zoo. 

Kids love animals.  They especially love the opportunity to interact with them through petting and feeding because they are animals they don't come across all that often. 

A mobile petting zoo could include a pony, rabbit, goat, chicken and other small animals who are accustomed to being handled.

If your child likes reptiles than a mobile reptile show might be just what you want.  This can be an indoor activity in a designated space where the handler explains the animals first and then allows the children to take turns touching and holding the reptile.

Art activities

Art activities and gams are great birthday party entertainment ideas!

Young kids ages 3-5 love working with paints so finger painting is neat choice.  Four years old and up will enjoy making crafts that require using glue and scissors (all of which is supervised), glitter and stickers. 

There are lots of fun things to make and a trip to a hobby store like Michael's will give you more ideas for activities to share.

Non-elimination games

Games are a big hit at birthdays especially when prizes are involved!

You can include non-elimination games such as a piñata because the kids all come away with something.  Of course, pin the tail or the donkey is always fun, too.

Try a balloon game where kids all work together to keep balloons in the air.  You could also have tie an inflated balloon with a string around their ankle.  The child who pops their balloon first gets a prize and the others get something, too, for participating.

Games keep children engaged and having a blast so they should be a part of you entertainment ideas. 

Your birthday party entertainment ideas can include several or just a few.  Plan ahead for a great event and execute your plan in parallel so everything is ready to go on party day.

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