Doing Birthday Party Food Ideas the Right Way

fruit kabobs birthday party food ideas

Quick and tasty birthday party food ideas are important for your child's party.  You need easy food to put together since time is always short. 

You can't spend all day cooking!

You've got a house to clean, organize, a backyard to straighten up, toys to put away, tables, chairs and shade to set up.  The list goes on...  Avoid complicated and go for kid-friendly, visually pleasing and tasty choices.

Plan your shopping list and get everything you need at least two days before your party.  Leave enough time on the day of the party to run and pick up last minute items like bags of ice.

Tasty birthday party food ideas...

Finger foods always win at kids parties.  They're easy to make and the right size for little hands.  They're also not too messy and, if you're lucky, they're on a stick.

Fruit kabobs, chicken kabobs or steak kabobs.  Adults can walk around eating them and kids like to eat fruit or chicken off a stick.  Either way it's fun and tasty!

If you're concerned about the sticks being being sharp at the end, you can blunt the tip.  Or, you can make a huge pan of cut up fruit.  The presentation of all the colorful, delectable fruit is mouthwatering for everyone.

Salsa and chips are super easy. 

Be sure to offer lots of chips with a mild salsa.  And if salsa's not your thing (or your kid's thing) offer a cheese dip, bean dip or a guacamole dip.

Present the dips in plastic tumblers that have a wide opening and fill with the dip.  Add on cheese, sour cream and chopped olives for a portion-sized servings.

Cheese quesadillas are the bomb!

They can be cheese only or with shreds of chicken inside.  They're great to pick up and pull apart.  These are wonderful for little ones who don't want a ton of stuff on their plate.  They're also clean and easy to handle.

Sweet potato chips are fun, too.

These chips are super easy to make.  Cut up several sweet potatoes and lay the slices flat on a cookie sheet with a little bit of oil on them.  Bake in the oven at 350 degrees until crisp and flip over once. 

pigs in a blanket birthday party food ideas

Fried chicken wings with a lemon pepper seasoning are fabulous! They're super easy to make and because of the small size they appeal to kids.  The flavor isn't too strong and with the crispiness of the skin, they'll go! 

Offer ketchup or other sauces for dipping although they're delicious on their own.

Riblets are ribs cut in half so they're easier to eat.  Depending on whether you serve them with a dry rub or a barbecue sauce will depend on how messy they are. 

These are great for small hands and adults with big hands love 'em, too! 

Pigs in a blanket are mini hotdogs wrapped in a crescent roll.  You can buy these already made from Costco or make your own.  They are easy and yummy.

Birthday party food ideas need to include tacos! 

A taco bar with all the fixings is fun and delicious.  Everyone loves tacos and they come together so well.  Kids can break up the shells and add toppings or stuff the toppings into the shell.  It can get a little messy, but they are hard to resist.

Make deep-fried pickles at home with ranch dressing.  This is pretty easy to make. Buy pickle chips (crinkle cut) and dip them in an egg wash and then dip them into a panko crumb to create the batter.  Fry these and serve. 

Veggie platter is another winner.  Cut the tops off of some bell peppers and fill them with your favorite dressing.  Layout carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, zucchini and any other veggie you like.  Kids tend to enjoy carrots for their crunch and some Ranch dressing for flavor.

Cotton candy is a winner without a doubt.  I'm not sure how it fits in with birthday party food ideas exactly since it's mainly sugar, but it's a delightful way to end the party. 

Kids love cotton candy and so adults.  Fairy floss is not only fun to watch, the aroma is nostalgia of childhood carnival visits. 

Macaroni and cheese is an easy dish to have.  Of course, kids love this, but you may serve it often enough you don't want to make it available at the party.  Because mac and cheese is so popular and you know kids love it, offering this at your event makes sense.  You want to be sure kids eat and you know this food item is sure to please.

Birthday party food ideas should be easy for you.  There is so much to get ready for when planning your child's party.  Keep these easy food suggestions in mind so you're not going crazy rushing around at the last minute.  With some up front planning and early shopping you'll be ready when your guests arrive.

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