Birthday Party Games for Toddlers

Birthday party games for toddlers are so much fun to plan for a party. 

Toddlers are adorable! 

They're just so loveable and have wonderful imaginations. 

They also have tons of energy.  If only I could tap into and harness the energy of my toddler I could get so much more done!

When you're planning a party for little kids like 2 and 3 year olds, ideally the games are non-elimination games and not competitive.  This gets everyone involved so they have a great time and hurt feelings are avoided.

Consider offering points to the team or child so all kids receive points.  Ideally the birthday child receives the most points and is awarded a prize, while his or her friends also get smaller prizes.  The kids will be super happy to get something.  You can give out stickers, lollipops or some other small trinket.

Kids at this age play differently than older children.  Keep games simple and fun and you'll enjoy a huge party success with this age group.  Birthday parties for toddlers is a chance to create fun experiences with games tailored to their age and interest.

Here are some birthday party games for toddlers to enjoy.

What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?

  • This schoolyard favorite is where a grownup is Mr. Wolf and they call out the number of steps players behind them can take.
  • Keep it simple by calling out no more than three to five steps so the kids can easily follow along.
  • By shouting one step, two steps or three steps players follow along by taking one, two or three steps based on what's called.
  • At any time Mr. Wolf can shout dinner time! Mr. Wolf then runs to the players in an attempt to tag them out before they cross the finish line.
  • If Mr. Wolf tags a player they become the finish line for the next round.

Balloon Carry...

  • Pick up a bag of small balloons at your local party store
  • Blow them up and keep them out of sight until you're ready to introduce this game.
  • Have all the kids line up with a finish line clearly marked so they know where they're headed. 
  • Give each child a balloon and tell them to put it between their knees and walk to the finish line with the balloon between their knees. 
  • Once they reach the finish line, they turn around heading back to the start line with the balloon between their ankles. 
  • The first player to reach the start line wins points or a prize.
  • Keep extra balloons available in case any pop.

Bobbing for Apples...

This is a fun game if the kids don't mind getting wet.  Keep towels handy just in case. 

  • Simply fill a big plastic bin with water and sweet apples.
  • Have each child take turns as one kneels down in front of the bin and tries to bite an apple.
  • Time each turn for 30 seconds before the next child gets to try.
  • The winner gets to eat a healthy apple!

Other birthday party games for toddlers include Duck, Duck, Goose, musical chairs or hide-and-go-seek.  All of these games are easy to do and get everyone involved.  And, kids just love getting prizes so offering them as part of the all the fun will be a big hit.

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