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Birthday party goody bags are so much fun to offer at your next party! Kids love receiving these.  They love the candy and the cool balloon animal.  You'll love how easily decorative candy cups upscale your birthday décor while getting you tons of attention from your guests for your unique balloon decorations! 

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Minnie Mouse
candy cups

Minnie Mouse
candy cups


Balloon Ninja Turtle Candy Cup

Cool and tasty Ninja Turtle table decor

Puppies and duckies
add a super cute touch
to your party décor!


Add pizzazz to your party
with any one of these candy cups
Spiderman ~ Hello Kitty ~ Princess  

Cute duckie for adorable table décor!

Creative kitty cat
candy cups

Wonder Woman for your Super Girls

Dr. Seuss is a delightful party favor or prize for your guests

Airplane candy cups for when "time flies"

Balloon candy cups are cool birthday party goody bags...

First off, what are these things we call goody bags, also known as favor bags, party favor bags or loot bags? They may not be called “gratitude bags” but that is essentially what they are.

Whatever you wish to call them, goody bags are an ideal way for hosts to give a token of their gratitude to their guests. 

It's a sweet way to show your friends and family you appreciate them sharing your special occasion. 

You have a ton of flexibility on how you put your birthday party goody bags together. It just depends on what you want to share with your guests. Hershey kisses, starbursts, tootsie rolls, stickers, tattoos are just a few ideas to consider.

You can purchase party bags pre-made for your party as part of a party package when you have your event hosted at a birthday party place such as Chucke Cheese or you can buy supplies and assemble them yourself.

If you’re short on time and creativity, buying pre-made favor bags is a great way to go so it's one less thing for your to do.

And, while goodie bags are typically given away at children's birthday parties, they don't stop there.  You’ll often receive goody bags at baby showers, christenings, weddings and bridal showers; any event where the host and hostess wish to show their thanks for your attendance.

Since they're neat for school parties, family get-togethers or for your child’s teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day. 

Children and teachers are delighted and charmed by these delicious giveaways.


Because they’re unique and fun! You have a bright, colorful balloon design on top of a cup with tasty treats inside. Kids love these because it pairs their two favorites:  balloons and candy.

What an awesome combination!

You can put anything you want in your loot bag just ‘cuz everyone loves free stuff.

Get fun and creative with at your next birthday party or special occasion and offer your guests amazing balloon candy cups. 

Drop me a note below and I’ll create these incredible candy cups for your next party.

Everyone will thank you for these nifty goodies.

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