A Checklist for Birthday Party Planning

Kid's birthday party planning may make your heart race with worry when you think to yourself, "Can I get this all done in time?" 

Your life is already so busy with work, family, volunteering and other commitments so this is a natural concern.

And yet, the answer is:  Yes, you can!

When planning your child's birthday party, the best way forward is to develop a birthday party checklist to stay on track and not forget anything.

A checklist helps you get organized and consider all the things you want to include in your child's party. It'll keep you on track and it eliminate that  nagging worry that you'll forget something important, like the cake or decorations.  (Oops!)

Three or four weeks before the party...

First off, determine your theme. 

Ask you child what he or she would like for their birthday party.  Your child will let you know if they want a mermaid party, Shopkins, Spiderman or something entirely different.  Chances are, your little one knows right away what they want.

Once you've got the theme figured out, sit down and determine your budget.

Setting and sticking with a budget is definitely your biggest challenge.  There are so many things we want to give our children especially if didn't have those things as a child.  But a budget is the only way to keep your spending manageable. 

You want to host an awesome, memorable party and not go broke doing it.

With an agreed upon budget, the next step is how many children to invite. 

For some kids, especially ones who are very young, you can add their age plus two more children, and this will depend on whether you want a small intimate party.  If this is a milestone birthday such as your child tuning one-year's old, you'll want to plan on inviting more children.  The main reason for doing this is because you want to share this special day with friends and family who may not have seen you in a while since you began your family.

While thinking about your birthday party planning, consider how many children will be on the invitee list and begin scoping out supplies needed for your party.

This will include:

  • decorations
  • tableware
  • equipment
  • invitations
  • thank you cards

You'll want to get the party invitations out to the invitees. If family and friends will be traveling from out-of-town to your child's party try to give as much notice as you can so it gets on their calendars.

Two weeks before...

Around two weeks before the birthday party, parents can also start ordering party favors to be given to their awesome guests. You'll also want to consider adding games and other arts and crafts activities, too.  This way you can get the necessary supplies and prizes needed.

If the birthday party includes entertainment such as a face painter or balloon twister, be sure to secure the date, pay any needed deposits and check that off your list.

This is also a good time to determine who can help you during your party to ensure things go smoothly.

Now is a good time to look into securing your birthday cake options.  You'll want to  be sure your favorite baker is available to do the cake you want unless you decide to do the cake (or cupcakes) yourself which can help save you money.

Birthday party planning one week before the party...

A week before the party is a good time to do some general cleaning of your house and bathrooms if the party venue is in your home. Clear the living room or den and backyard from possible hazards and obstacles.

Safety is important with birthday party planning particularly with young children roaming all over and possibly getting into things in your home and backyard.  

Stock up on food items, paper goods, beverages, candles and matches so you're all set for your party.

The key to kid's birthday party planning is to start early, make a list, figure out your theme, develop a budget, consider the number of children you'll invite, whether you'll have entertainment and decide who can help you with your event so you're not left doing it all.

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