Awesome Cheetah Face Painting
Boys love this!

A cheetah face painting is one of the popular designs I do for boys at parties and events. 

There really is not a huge selection of face painting ideas for boy.  You’re likely to see dragons, tigers, superheroes, dogs, wolves and snakes, on a face painter's menu board and typically it has many more face painting ideas for girls. 

Ok, so I’m a little biased. 

I do many birthday parties and mostly girls love being face painted.  There is just a better variety of designs available to them.  And, their designs are usually embellished with gems and glitter. 

Liquid glitter is terrific to use when outlining butterfly wings, for example, giving the design a delicate touch.  Gems otherwise referred to as “bling” can either be applied as a single gem or created in advance of the party to make gem clusters.  These clusters are neat and are placed in between the eyebrows to further enhance a design.

Boys on the other hand really enjoy animal designs.  The cheetah design is super fun to do and it goes on quickly.  After sponging the face to get the main color down, adding the details is super-fast. 

I enjoy dressing up boy designs with a little glitter, but I know some parents don't want this and even some boys may think glitter is too "girly".  Dabbing loose glitter onto parts of a boy's face painting or embellishing the lines and details with liquid glitter gives a quite an impact. 

Neither liquid glitter nor dabbing glitter on is overly “girly” and it adds a perfect amount of pizzazz to a design.

A cheetah face painting transforms your little boy...

Cheetah face painting is so cool because of how much boys react to it!  They just take on a new persona and become the cheetah.  It's fabulous to watch and I adore their reactions when they first see themselves in the mirror. 

This is what I love -- and many face painters do -- about our work.  It's very satisfying to give children an opportunity to be something different even for a little while. 

Face painting is a terrific way to add fun to your party or event.  There are so many ways to make kids happy with paint, some gems and a little glitter on their faces.  They love it.  Many parents have admitted to me their child wanted to go to bed with their face still painted.  Their child couldn't stand the idea of removing it!  Wow!  I love knowing how happy I make kids and their parents.

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