Know Childrens Face Painting Ideas
And Look Like A Pro

Unicorn and kitty face painting by Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment, Vallejo

Fast childrens face painting ideas are necessary for long lines of kids. 

It's a fact:  kids and parents hate waiting.  Gawd.  Waiting in the heat or not, just waiting makes people cranky. 

Parents do their best to calm their child while he or she waits patiently for their turn.  It's not easy for kids to watch other kids become beautiful, fancy or superhero-like. 

They'll plead.  "Can I go?!" 

They'll demand to know:  "How much longer, mom?"

Kids adore face painting transformations.  They especially love to brag to their mom how incredible they look.  They usually do look pretty awesome if they sit still enough to let you paint on them. Lol!

Childrens face painting ideas are all around you.

That's what's super cool about face painting.

If you have children you can check out their coloring books.  I do! Look through them to understand the illustrations. Kids' coloring books with simplified artwork help with your creativity. 

You can see how the mane on a horse flows, its eyes and posture in the over-sized drawings.

File the illustrations away in the back of your mind.

Practice them on your arm or face.  They can become cheek art, arm art of full face designs.  Children's books are also great for children's face painting ideas.

Then when you are painting, these images can help change up a design you typically paint.  Maybe you'll add larger eyes or a more flowing mane.  Find shortcuts to make your work very nice yet saves you time, too. 

Be ready with enough childrens face painting ideas to wing a few designs.

Pinterest is inspiring...

Pinterest is your best friend. 

There are thousands of children's face painting ideas all over Pinterest.  I maintain face painting boards on my Pinterest page for inspiration. 

I need a quick reference of ideas to put into action.  Jump into one stroke designs or take on more challenging work.  There is no doubt about it, Pinterest is your partner to help come up with designs for kids.

Don't forget YouTube.

YouTube is a gold mine for childrens face painting ideas!  With tons of tutorials on a different kinds of face painting designs, you need to binge on videos.  There are many skill levels available including basic to advanced.

I love YouTube and how it has helped me come up with children's face painting ideas.

Frozen princess face painting by Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment, Vallejo

Face painting children can be loads of fun.  When you face paint neat designs on kids you make them happy, their parents and relatives.  Even if you are new to face painting having ideas in mind will help when you're on the job painting. 

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