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Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment helps busy moms with birthday celebration entertainment challenges to overcome party planning stress and achieve raving success with engaging celebratory experiences!

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Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment Helps Busy Moms

Vallejo face painter and balloon artist helps busy moms with kids birthday entertainment challenges. We create awesome experiences for our customers.

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How to Do Face Painting on Children

Hi, everyone,

I get asked how to do face painting on children when I'm face painting. It's a natural question that comes to mind because you see me painting and then wonder how I do it.

Patience required.

For starters, working with children takes patience. You do not want to get into face painting or really any other kind of entertainment for children if you are uncomfortable working with kids.

Children tend to squirm in their seats. If the sugar isn't getting to them then it's simply that they have lots of energy which means they get the "wiggles".

Not an issue, really, unless the child is under three years old. Kids under three should sit in their parents lap to be painted. Some kids do well this way and others do not.

Clearly you do not want to face paint a very young child who is unhappy to be painted. No, that's not fun for you, the child or the parent although parents are often hopeful their child will enjoy the face painting experience.

Best quality paints only.

Starting to face paint can cost you a few hundred dollars after tallying up the paints, brushes, sponges, daubers, stencils, bling, glitter and so on. It does cost money to run a face painting business even though you will hear people tell you, "but it's only paint".

Yes, it is paint, but when you add in the cost of insurance (which you will want to get as you get more parties), travel, supplies, education and your time, it's not just paint.

I digress. Getting back to painting children, you do need good quality paints to work with and never acrylic. People still paint acrylic on children's faces and that's a mystery to me! Why?

Using the best quality you can afford means a good experience for the child. And, parents will want to work with you again because you're using safe products.

Practice as often as you can.

Practicing on your arm, leg or face will help you become better at face painting. It'll help you train your hand to be more steady.

You will paint most kids with them sitting in a chair and their face will be upright. Unless you ask them to lean their head back on the backrest of your chair and then you have an almost flat painting surface.

Be friendly so children feel at ease sitting in your chair.

Be sure you have fresh breath and that you smell good. Body odor is not acceptable so you'll want to shower and use deodorant.

Lastly, do not be too hard on yourself. We're not all fine artists, but that is not the point of face painting. You want to give the child a great experience and do a decent job. As you practice you will become faster and better with your line work. Until then, just get out there and get as many bookings as you can handle.

Good luck to you!

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