Christmas Party Games for Kids

Christmas party games for kids are a must have for an awesome party experience. 

Let's face it:  kids have infinite levels of energy.  As adults we would love a way to harness their energy to get more done in our day! Right?  At grown up gatherings, kids want to run around and play with their friends. 

The truth is, a party isn't much fun for children without some basic level of organized entertainment.  And, leaving children to their own devices can be a mistake since they're more likely to act up and out from boredom.  Unless you're throwing a party just for grown ups, using Christmas party games for kids ensures your party is a BIG success.

Engaging Christmas party games for kids...

Here are three games to consider for your event.

The Gift Relay.  This is a fun problem-solving game requiring focus and balance and works well with ages 4 and up.  Here's how it works:

  • With this game you'll divide kids into teams of two.   
  • In advance, wrap some boxes with small prizes inside.
  • Place the wrapped boxes around the house and have the kids collect and stack them in order by size from largest box to smallest box on top.
  • Provide a designated space where children place the boxes at the end of the gift relay and be sure each team member passes the stack of gift boxes to the next team member as a new gift box is collected.
  • If the stack of presents topples over introduce your own fun penalty such as a silly dance, hopping on one leg or touching their belly button while rubbing their head.
  • The first team to collect all of the presents and place them neatly at the finish line wins a special prize that isn't in the boxes!

Pin the Nose on Rudolph:

This is a fun and unique spin on the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game.  

  • With a bright red nose (such as a clown nose), a blindfold and a drawing of Rudolph taped to the wall, you can get kids to try and pin the nose on Rudolph so he can light his way through the night! 
  • The winning kids can earn points or a prize.  
  • This is an easy game for ages 3 and up. 

Find the Reindeer:

  • With this game you'll organize a small scavenger hunt where the kids hunt for Santa's reindeer which have been secretly hidden around your house or your event space.
  • Make finding a few reindeer easy and others more difficult.
  • You'll need to purchase 8 small reindeer (or (9 to include Rudolph). 
  • Tie a small bag of candy or gift to the reindeer.
  • Set a time limit to collect the reindeer and give prizes to those who collected the most.
  • Those who find the reindeer get to take one home.

These few games will get you started organizing the enjoyment for your Christmas party, but don't stop here.

A bounty of Christmas party games for kids!

Whether you're hosting a Breakfast with Santa community event like at my daughter's school or you're hosting a company Christmas party someone needs to bring the fun.  And, you can readily do this with a resource I've found providing you with 31 different Christmas games

These games are especially good for children ages 5 years and up.  They can easily accommodate many players.  A few quick tips to consider:

  • Keep the games moving quickly. 
  • Provide small prizes for winners, but don't make every game about winning. 
  • Mix in non-elimination games so all the kids go away with something.
  • Get kids on their feet and moving!  Play movement games to get the wiggles out while burning off energy.

The Ribbon Match and the Bases - Santa, Reindeer, Christmas tree games are good choices for movement games.  They can be played quickly and more than once before moving onto a new game.

The Present Snatch game is funny, but I would caution you on using this one since kids could get a little unruly.  We already teach our children it's not okay to snatch things from us or others and this game runs counter to this teaching.  It can still be played, but be aware playing it could cause hurt feelings.

In addition to Christmas party games for kids to burn off energy, there are also board games to choose from such as picture and word bingo among others.  Print off the guide, cut out the cards to be drawn by the caller and you're off!  This is another easy, simple, yet engaging solution for party merriment.

Lastly, have an activities station available where kids work independently or collaboratively on coloring, word searches, Sudoku, mazes and math fun.  All of these different choices ensures your Christmas celebration is a lot of fun.  Most definitely your guests will appreciate this organized entertainment so much they'll be reluctant to go home.  And, if this is the case, have them play the clean up game with you!

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