Do You Need Party Favors for your Event?

Ghost balloon party favors from Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment, Vallejo

Do you need party favors?

The short answer is:  it depends. 

What kind of event are you hosting?  If you're having a housewarming party, likely favors are unnecessary.

However, if it's your wedding or a child's birthday party, the answer is more likely yes, you need party favors.  Even though at birthday parties, for example, kids are not going to go away with nothing.  They had the experience of being invited to an ice skating party or a rock climbing one or whatever themed event. 

In other words, they enjoy the experience of being with friends so the experience itself makes for great memories.  The party favor is the last item handed to a child as they're ready to leave.

It's nice to offer and often met with much enthusiasm.

Party favors for some children is something they look forward to receiving.  This is especially true once your child reaches the age of 5 when they become aware of "receiving" things from parties they attend.

Maybe it should just be enough to host an awesome party.  Nowadays your party favors are the "icing on the cake" so to speak for little guests.  While some kids may not care others do. 

Do you need party favors - 3 reasons to provide them...

Party favors help with decor.  Once you have the theme of your party figured out, it's always fun to embellish it with favors.  They can be big like the ghost balloon candy cups above (I did those for my daughter's Halloween party in 2017) or simple. 

What you decide to put together can be something creative or not.  It also doesn't need to be expensive considering you may already be providing entertainment, a lovely cake, etc. 

Things do add up so work with your budget and know that kids will be excited to open whatever favor packages your provide.

Favors are small gratitude gifts.  By far, the biggest reason anyone hands out party favors is because they are gratitude gifts.  When you wonder, do you need party favors, the answer would be yes and it is because it is a small token of your appreciation.

Your favors are an expression of both appreciation and gratitude for the parents of your child's school or of your relatives.  You're thanking them for attending. 

You cannot have a party without guests, right?  There are certainly some very unfortunate stories on the Internet about kids whose parents were hosting a birthday party and no one showed up.

No shows are horrible. 

People who commit on one hand to come and then do not show up to your party is hurtful.  This is especially true if the party is hosted for your child's birthday celebration.

The answer to do you need party favors is not one everyone will agree on, but I believe providing party favors is fun.

Party favors tend to be expected.  There can be an expectation to receive favors these days.  I went to a birthday party my daughter was invited to and party favors were not given.  The event was hosted at a Pump It Up which is a bouncy house heaven for little kids.  By the end of it the kids had worked out most of their energy, filled themselves with pizza and were ready to hit the road.  The just didn't get a goody bag on the way out.

In all honesty, it's fair for hosting parents to choose not to provide party favors.  The trouble can be when children have been at other parties and received something each time.  Receiving something then becomes a standard or an expectation. 

When children do notice the absence of a goody bag/party favors, they can be disappointed. Everyone wants their kids to have a great time.  We clearly want them to be happy which is why we do all the wonderful things we do for our kids. 

So do you need party favors?  Well it is not the end of the world to not provide them.  There may be children who do not notice if they receive one.  Overall, kids enjoy being invited to parties and having fun with their friends.  And, if you want to provide party favors as parting gifts to your guests I think it's a lovely gesture.  I enjoy giving them away for my children's parties and their friends  enjoy receiving them.

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