Do You Need Party Favors for Your Event to be Successful?

Ghost balloon party favors from Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment, Vallejo

Do you need party favors?

The short answer is:  it depends. 

What kind of event are you hosting?

If it's your wedding or a child's birthday party, the answer is likely yes, you need party favors. 

Why you may ask?

It's not as though kids at birthday parties leave empty handed.  They did, after all, enjoy the experience of ice skating or rock climbing or face painting or swimming or trampoline jumping.  In other words, kids at birthday parties enjoy mutual experiences with their friends which they may not otherwise get to do.

After all the fun is over, party favors are the icing on the proverbial cake.  Kids leave with something tangible in their hands in addition to their awesome party experience.  This is a feel good thing parents do and when a child reaches the age of 5 they become aware of "receiving" things from parties.

Spider Man balloon animal candy cup made by Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment.

Do You Need Party Favors - Check out 3 reasons you should give them...

Party favors help with decor. 

Once you have the theme of your party figured out, it's fun to embellish it with complimentary favors.  They can be big like the ghost balloon candy cups above (I did those for my daughter's Halloween party) or simple. 

You decide to keep it simple or more creative.  It doesn't need to be expensive since you've already provided entertainment, food, a beautiful cake.  Things add up so keep your budget in mind and know that kids will be excited to open any favor packages your offer.

Favors are small gratitude gifts. 

The biggest reason anyone hands out party favors is the gratitude they want to show the parents and children for coming to their child's party.  So when you ask yourself, do you need party favors, the answer, in my opinion, is yes.  It's simply a small token of your appreciation for coming out to celebrate.

Some parties take place in inclement weather such as snow storms or rain.  Parents still make every effort to be at a party with their kids in tow so they can celebrate the event with you and your birthday boy or girl. 

What if they didn't show up?

What if no one came at all?  That happens.  Some people make no effort to attend a child's birthday party and we end up reading about it online.  It's hurtful to the child whose special day has been overlooked.  It goes to their self esteem and self worth.  And, because self esteem is so important to develop and foster for young children you want people coming out to your child's party and you want to thank them (and their child!) for celebrating with you.

Giraffe balloon animal candy cup made by Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment.

Rather than asking do you need party favors maybe a better question to ask is:  How will you thank the children for coming out to celebrate your child's party?  Not everyone will agree, but as a children's entertainer and parent, I believe in providing party favors so the kids all leave with a little something in hand.

Party favors tend to be expected. 

There can be an expectation to receive favors these days.  I went to a birthday party my daughter was invited to and party favors were not given.  The event was hosted at a bouncy house place which was fabulous for little kids.  At the end of it, no favors were handed out.  

Kids left.  My daughter asked where the favor was as did her other friends.  It was a little awkward to say the least. 

It's fair for hosting parents to choose not to provide party favors.  The trouble is kids come to expect it because they've received favors at other parties.  By the time they attend your child's party, it's now an expectation.  Everyone wants their kids to have a great time and the absence of a goody bag can leave them feeling disappointed. 

So do you need party favors? 

In my opinion, yes, you do.  However, it's not terrible if you don't but it can be a little awkward.  Kids enjoy being invited to and attending birthday parties with their friends.  Providing party favors is not mandatory but it is a terrific way to thank the kids who did come out to celebrate your child's birthday. 

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