Why Easy Face Painting Ideas are
Hotter than Jennifer Lawrence

Unicorn cheek art - easy face painting ideas, Vallejo

Easy face painting ideas are a must have when painting kids.  Your ideas may or may not be a as "hot" as Jennifer Lawrence, but they are necessary to have.  When you're on the front lines painting you want easy choices.

Kids love being painted. 

The experience of transforming their small faces into superheroes, monsters, butterflies, unicorns and princesses is an awesome experience.  Children love colors!

And, when they site down as themselves and are shown a mirror with Spider-Man or another design staring back at them, they are thrilled.

Easy face painting ideas to offer...

Kitty face painting, Vallejo

Some easy face painting designs to offer kids can be using a stencil.  Stencils are fast and they get an outline of the design done quickly.  For example, I use a kitty stencil.  It's super quick to sponge on the outline design and then sponge on the face design.

Stencils make cute designs fast.

A stencil can be fine on it's own, but outlining and adding simple design elements make your design more fun.  Add dots, glitter, a few swirls and you created a fabulous design.

Stencils are great on cheeks, foreheads, hands or arms.  Their versatility is the best thing about stencils.

Will kids think you're cheating because you're not painting freehand? They may say something, but when you add gems, glitter, swirls and other quick embellishments to the design, they'll be impressed.

Rainbow princess face painting, Vallejo

Stencils and one stroke face painting is great for easy face painting ideas.

Using one stroke designs is super fast.  They are also incredibly impressive.  Parents and kids especially love seeing all the colors painted on their face in one stroke of the brush!

It's amazing for kids and fast for you. 

The rainbow princess design above combines a one stroke with a stencil. 


Easy, fast and impressive for kids. I used Leanne's Rainbow sold by Global Colours for the rainbow paint.  I added a cloud stencil and tapped the cloud design on with a finger dauber.

Embellish the design and you're done!

Kids -- both boys and girls -- love rainbows.  Super bright colors, clean lines, glitter, gems and clouds tie together for a fabulous design.

By combining stencils and one stroke designs, you have quite an opportunity to provide a variety of designs.  And, as if this powerful combination were not enough, consider eye designs.

Swoosh face painting eye design, Vallejo

Adult women love face painting, too.  They don't want their entire face painted.  Yet they'll be happy with something small and cute.

The easiest designs for women are eye designs.  A swoop and swirl embellished with glitter, gems and dots yields great results.  Do this for women at your parties (using different colors) and they'll love your work.

These easy face painting ideas provide a way for you to quickly get outstanding results with the kids you paint.  Even with fussy children a stencil, one stroke or a combination makes them (and their parents!) super happy.  You'll definitely create lots of smiles and enjoy happy customers.

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