A Face Painter Business In 9 Easy Steps

So you're interested in a face painter business?  Good for you!  This is a very cool side hustle helping you earn money while also being creative.  Being creative is certainly has its upside.

So lets jump in....

Face painter business building steps...

Step 1.  You do not need to be an artist to be a face painter.  Absolutely anyone with an interest to learn face painting can become a face painter.  It is merely a matter of ambition and practice.  You need to want to learn the art and by that I mean learning the steps to create designs. 

When you know how to load your brush and use the right brush strokes you can accomplish a lot.

There is more to it than brush strokes, but it isn't necessary to be an artist.  Yeah, it would be great, maybe, but many of us face paint children without art backgrounds. 

And, you know what?  Face painters of all levels make many children and their parents super happy with their work.  You can learn this craft.

You can learn anything.

Step 2.  Face painting is learn-able.  Yes, you can learn face painting.  When learning something for the first time be patient with yourself.  Babies learn to crawl and then walk, falling down, stumbling, etc. you will do the same. 

You will get better with time... just like a wonderful bottle of wine.

There a many videos on YouTube for you to learn different styles.  You can check out Ashley Henson, Heather Green, Olga Murasev, Lisa Joy Young and many others.

There are Facebook groups dedicated to face painting although some of the artists are way beyond talented.  It is an absolute pleasure to see the work they create.  It takes time to become good at face painting. 

When your start off you will not like your work very much.  As time goes by and you continue to practice you will see improvement.  Definitely keep photos of your work so you can look back at how good you are becoming.

The more you practice the better you get.

Step 3. Practice for speed and get better.  This tip may not bring any surprises to you, but it must be pointed out.  Practice is important.  You will want to devote time during your day for line work.  Even if you only do 15 minutes a day the idea is to train your hand.  Get used to loading your brush and sponges.  Practice making crisp lines.

You will want to learn a set of designs you can offer at parties or company events.  Get 10 designs under your belt and be able to do them in less than 5 minutes.  With practice you will be able to do this and make it look easy.

Step 4.  Tell people you are face painting.  One of the quickest ways to start getting clients with a face painter business is tell people you face paint.  Tell them you do parties, festivals and corporate events.  Let everyone know you are a face painter.  Call yourself this whether you believe it or not.  The more you tell people this the work will come.  Everyone has a party they want to celebrate.  You can be the go-to face painter they need. 

Don't be shy or feel embarrassed.  Keep at it and you will get better.  In the meantime each opportunity to face paint will make you better.  You will learn and develop your own systems for booking customers, getting paid and marketing yourself.

Tell people.

Step 5.  Get business cards.  Once you begin doing a few parties you will want to invest in a set of business cards.  They're super cheap on Vistaprint but there may be other resources to consider.  I buy mine on Vistaprint and enjoy the quality.

Hand out your cards to everyone.  Post them on community bulletin boards.  Every chance you have to hand out a card is another opportunity for you to get work.  

Step 6. Set up a simple website. Don't over think this. Simply buy yourself a cheap web domain and hosting for your website. There are many choices out there including WordPress, Wix, Weebly and more. I use Sitesell.

A website is quite important for a face painter business.  You need a way to capture leads, that is, people who come to your site and inquire about your services.  A simple form to have visitors fill out helps you collect email addresses.  You can then build you email list and email monthly or however often you like. 

Do not make your emails all about selling, however.  Offer value first by telling folks what you're doing, showing some of your work and maybe talking about things to look out for when hiring a face painter.

The idea is to give your email list something to look forward to, but not have it be all about selling.  Selling will turn them off and folks will unsubscribe from you list.  Done properly, you're list can help build your face painter business.

Step 7.  Connect with face painters in your area.  Is it virtually impossible for you to do each and every gig that comes your way.  You simply cannot be in two places at once.  The beauty of this is you can work with local face painters.  Don't shy away from the competition, but try to work together.  This way you have someone who can take gigs you cannot attend.  You can arrange a payment like a finders fee so you get money for each referral.  You can do the same in return with other local face painters.

Not everyone will be keen on this, of course.  You may come across other face painters who feel threatened, but you will want to reassure them.  It is a win-win-win for you, the other face painter and the client.  Everyone gets what they want in the end so it makes sense to reach out and connect when possible.

Persistence pays.
Step 8.  Persistence pays. 

Maybe not literally, but your persistence can pay off.  This is especially true when you're trying to establish yourself.  It will not take a lot of time for people in your network to learn about your face painter business. 

Everyone has something to celebrate.  There will be no shortage of events for you to participate in.  The key really is putting yourself out there.  People in your network and outside your network need to know what you offer.  Simply let people know about your face painter business. 

Be sure, too, to always follow up on leads you get.  Just following up often is enough to get a gig. 


Because so many face painters don't do this simple thing.  I get a lot of business simply because I return calls and emails.  It's a basic courtesy to return emails and phone calls when someone wants your services.

If you do this same thing you'll get half your gigs this way.  Then you need to stay on top of your follow up with other inquiries until you get the gig.  Persistence on this alone will put you well ahead of your competition.

Step 9.  Put in the hard work.  It takes time to build a business.  There are no overnight success stories regardless of what you read, see or hear on the Internet. 

Consistent hard work toward your goals and you will achieve them.  By learning a few designs, practicing them to build your confidence, telling people you have a face painter business, reaching out to connect with other face painters and following up and staying on top of leads will put you ahead.  In 12 months or less you will be earning money and you'll need to decide if you want to increase your rate as you get busier. 

You can do this.  You can start and run your own face painter business and be successful.  It does take work, but if you enjoy what you're doing than it's not really work is it?

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