Insiders Guide to Face Painting Childrens Parties

Rainbow face painting.

Face painting childrens parties is a great way to earn extra money.  You may be thinking it isn't something you can do, but you can.  Sounds very optimistic, but you do not need special skills. 

Just practice.

Even if you have never lifted a brush in your life, you CAN face paint children.  I had no painting experience prior to face painting chilrens parties and both parents and kids are super happy with the results.

What to know when face painting childrens parties...

First off are your supplies.  You do not need a ton of supplies to get started.  However, I do not recommend purchases face paints at a Michael's or other hobby/craft store.

The reason is paints sold there are typically Snazaroo, which is a decent paint to use.  The problem with Snazaroo is coverage.  It does not cover the skin all that well and it can make line work difficult. 

You can get supplies from Jestpaint or Sillyfarm.

You cannot buy the kinds of professional paints you will need from stores not specialized in face painting.  Forget going to Walmart or some party store.  Yes, your paints will be more expensive, but that is due to them being professional quality, FDA approved. 

Accept that your paints will cost some money.  You main colors will be white, black, blue, orange, red, green, purple, yellow and pink.  You can add as many colors as you like, but these are the ones you'll use a lot.

Cute kitty face painting.

Brushes are next on your list.  You cannot get the crisp line work you want without great brushes to start.  There are many on the market, but the most popular is Loew Cornell. 

One trick here is to buy two of each brush for line work.  If you are starting out offering face painting for parties this can be a little expensive.  The best thing about this though is you can use one for black paint only keeping your colors separate.

Once you use black paint on a brush it will make it difficult to keep any other color true when you do try using your dedicated black paint brush.

Do not spend a fortune here.  You simply need to take care of the brushes you use. 

  • Do not let them them sit in water as you'll ruin the ferrule.
  • Allow them to dry upright.
  • After washing out paint, be sure to reform your bristles so they are together pointed in the same direction.
Minne Mouse bow face painting.

Great attitude required.  This is an obvious point for face painting childrens parties, but worth mentioning.  Face painting is such a huge experience for many kids. 

They love it and love how you paint them into someone or something special.  It may be their very first time getting painting.  Or it could be they have been painted many times before.

Whatever the case may be, you want to have a great attitude with the children.  Give them the best experience possible because face painting childrens parties should be positive and fun.

To do this you need to...

  • be patient
  • let kids know to close their eyes and when to open them
  • smile and be friendly (some kids will be afraid)
  • have fresh breath (you'll be very close to kids when painting them)
  • ask them easy questions like their age, what they were for Halloween, what they're doing this summer (open ended to help them relax)

Of course, be careful with the chit chat.  Too much talking on the child's part may make it tough for you to paint them.  Talking causes the child to move their face more than you want.  The idea here, though is to help you help relax the child particularly if they are new to painting or simply afraid.

Snowflakes and gems face painting for a boy.

Use an easy menu board. Face painting childrens parties does not mean you need to offer elaborate designs.  Quite the opposite.  Instead, you can find easy face painting illustrations on Etsy.  Simply print them off, laminate and add to your menu.  Your board can be a white dry erase board and can be as big or as small as you like.

It's nice to offer 10 or so designs.  You don't need to be super talented to paint the designs on your board onto the child's face, but you do want to give a child something to choose.

It works better for parents and kids to see what the choices are and this saves you time.  Also, you can learn a set of designs and offer only those until you get better at painting.  Once you build up your confidence you can change up your board.

Or if you get tired of painting the same designs after a few parties then change up your selection.  This way you are adequately challenged and your designs remain interesting.

Face painting childrens parties is a lot of fun.  Be sure to invest in good quality paints, a decent set of brushes and a simple menu board.  You do want to be comfortably working with kids.  You'll also want to be able to make them feel at ease with you so be friendly, patient and smile.  Your work will make so many children happy and you'll absolutely feel great about yourself.  The impact your face painting has on a child is immediate and you'll be quite happy with yourself when you see them smiling ear-to-ear.

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