Face Painting for Kids Birthday Parties

Heart princess face painting by Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment, Vallejo, California

Face painting for kids is likely one of the most rewarding careers a person could have.  Honestly, painting a child's face brings them such glorious joy.  They're excited, animated and simply thrilled to show off their design to their friends and family.

It is natural though for some children to be afraid of face paint.  They find it cold and wet which it is!  And, they have a stranger sitting or standing in front of them usually with a pointed brush coming right at them.   For some children this is just too much and they can quickly become distressed.  That's the time to back off, give them space and talk more with the parents about whether painting the child's face is a good idea. 

Face painting for kids is a fun activity.  It shouldn't be something where a child is crying or afraid to have paint applied to them.  This type of reaction is a major kill joy not only for the parents, but for the face painter, too.

Face painting is a popular activity at birthday parties, baby showers, christenings and community events.  Usually where there are children there is a face painter providing fun and entertainment with his or her paints.

Childhood is about exploring your imagination. There is no better way to do that than with painting.  A child can pretend to be an angel, a pirate, a superhero or a tiger with the right face painting job.

Face painting for kids is so much fun!

Kids light up when they get painted.  They simply go nuts!  At a recent face painting event I did for a preschool, the children often huddled close to me while I painted their friend.  They were so curious to see the transformation from their friend's plain face to it's newly painted Spiderman or princess face that they kept jockeying for position to see all that was going on.  It was quite hilarious to see.

Use a professional...

Of course, there are some cautions parents and guardians need to be aware of where face painting for kids is concerned.

1.  If you're face painting for your child's party, don't use acrylic paint or washable markers or metallic craft glitters. These are all very hazardous to your child’s health.

Elaine from Hooray Balloons is great! If you are looking for someone to do face painting ... she's awesome! This is the 4th time we've hired her and she never disappoints us.

2.  Never apply paint on pimples, sores or irritated skin … ever!  Eczema is something I see with young children typically on their wrists, hands and arms.  Unless I'm able to find a space - and I usually can - I don't paint the child's arms and certainly not any where on the eczema area.  

3.  Head lice is everywhere, so it's a good idea to be aware of it and knowledgeable enough to watch out for it, so that others don’t get accidentally infested.  This is an issue mostly found in public events.

4.  The FDA mandates certain standards face painters must adhere to and that is to use FDA approved face paints.  Otherwise kids can have terrible skin reactions that can take days to heal.  Professional face painters use only the best face painting products available and those are not only FDA approved but also approved by the European Union and Australia as well.

For these reasons, you should always hire a professional to do face painting for kids at all children's events. 

Face painting is an amazing art form truly enjoyed by children and adults.  The colors of the paints, their smells, the tickling of the brushes, the poofing of glitter, the gems and the lip gloss all add up to wonderful experiences for kids, teens and adults.  Face painting really is an incredible skill with amazingly talented artists transforming children into excited, happy little people with smiles so big they warm your heart.  Hire a face painter for your next party and see how much fun the children have.

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