Fun Face Painting Games for Kids

Below are some great face painting games for children ages 3-7 years of age.  These types of games are perfect for...

  • birthday parties
  • wedding receptions
  • baby showers
  • christenings

and any other gathering where you want your little guests to be entertained and having fun.

Children love games and particularly guessing games where they can win a prize for the correct guess.  This is super fun, because they can win a balloon design for participating.  It's also an easy way for young, shy guests to warm up and begin taking part in all the fun.

Favorite face painting games include:

  • Who Am I?   This is a guessing game where the other children try to guess what character or role the painted face of each child represents. Each child confides to the face painter what character he or she wants to be. The face painter paints each of them to be their secret favorite. Then the children all try to guess each other’s characters.

  • Word – Similar to “Who am I?”, in Word each child secretly tells the face painter the word he or she wants to be, and the face painter does her best to paint the child’s face to represent that word without actually writing the word on the child’s skin. Then the children guess what word they think each child is made up to be.

  • Role Play – Before the face painter gets started, the children are invited to play a group role-playing game. They begin by deciding on a category for all faces to be painted to represent.
  • Will they be pirates?
  • Princes and princesses?
  • Super heroes?
  • Animals?

The group leader explains to the children  whatever category they pick, they will get their faces painted to fit that category, and then they will role play in a skit of their own devising, inventing a simple story as they go along after they get their faces painted.

Nothing is more fun for kids in this age group than make-believe!

Face painting games encourages them to explore the far reaches of their imaginations and have a blast at the same time.

This is a great experience for little ones who enjoy make-believe.  If they are not comfortable with their face being painted, there is always the option to have their arm painted.

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