Printable Face Painting Instructions

Printable face painting instructions make your life easier. 

When you need something fast for your menu board or to brush up on designs you already offer, these printable instructions are easy to follow.

A quick bunny design is a major help for kids and parents wanting something simple.  Lots of kids don't like paint on their eye lids and this bunny design is a life saver.

The Olaf design is super cute! 

I love this and know for me it would take a little time to get this on someone's arm or face.  It's actually not too difficult but the outlining of a design like Olaf can be challenging.

No shaky or unsteady hands allowed!

Butterfly designs never go out of style. 

They are super popular with girls, teens and moms.  Butterflies can be done different ways.  The one above is fairly quick as it only covers one side of the face. 

You can cover a child's face or only do the cheek area.  It's up to you and, of course, the wiggly-ness of little customer.

The elephant design is cute using a one stroke arty brush.  One stroke designs are quick, impressive and save you lots of time. 

What a great choice for cheek or arm art for kids new to face painting.  It works well as a design for both boys and girls.  By using a one stroke paint you can quickly nail this design.  Again, with practice you'll get the outlining done pretty well, too.

Face painting instructions - fast, impressive and fun!

Elmo is fast, fun, cute and great for boys and girls.  It's a perfect design for a child's cheek or arm.  It also looks artistic while not being too difficult to replicate. 

When you have a line of kids further than you can count, fast and impressive designs rule the day!  The flower fairy face painting instructions above is a big time saver.  It's done with an arty cake, a flat brush and no outlining.  Simply create the crown's center and corresponding strokes alongside to fill in for balance. 

Using another flat brush to pick up two shades of green and you can quickly add the leaves, finishing with white tear drops, stars and dots for further embellishment.

Once again, the above easy giraffe is terrific for a child who can keep their eyes open.  Very cool for boys and girls and will go over fabulously with parents.

The icicle design is perfect for teenagers and adult women wanting something nice without covering their entire face.  It's an easy, go-to design for fairs, festivals, community events and private parties. 

Make it even more special with bling, glitter and gems.

You cannot go wrong with a Minnie Mouse design on your board.  Almost all girls (and their moms!) love Minnie Mouse bow face painting.  It's girly and super cute!

While Minnie Mouse if popular the owl face painting is impressive for all of its colors used.  It's not hard to paint this and it doesn't need to cover the entire face. 

Girls will enjoy this one for sure!

A puppy face painting design is a must have on your menu board.  Using just two colors (brown and soft yellow) for the face painting instructions, you can quickly sponge this on, add the white for the muzzle, a splash of red for the tongue and finish easily with your line work. 

So cute and a popular choice for boys and girls.

soccer ball face painting instructions

Sports designs can be quite popular.  Basketball and soccer are sports designs most requested for me.  It's a great cheek or arm design and impressive with the shadowing. 

Your most popular step-by-step is definitely the unicorn! Unicorns are favorites for girls and some boys.  These are a must have designs in your head and the instructions above help perfect it. 

You can learn designs from videos online and digital downloads as well as books.  It's easy and super helpful to use face painting instructions like the ones above.  These quick-glance designs are perfect when you need a visual brush up.  Practice to get great line work, but you'll quickly know what's needed to get your design painted nicely on the child's face.

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