Face Painting Professional

Cheetah face painting by Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment, Vallejo, California

What is a face painting professional?

I would like to share with you what I believe makes a professional face painter.  I've provided 5 characteristics below.  In the meantime, face painting has been around for many years and has been used by almost all cultures.  In the United States, face painting is found at fairs, amusement parks, festivals and at birthday parties.  Children love to be painted and they enjoy watching their friend's face transform before their eyes into butterflies, superheroes and animals.

A face painting professional is...

1.  A face painter is committed to ongoing education in their field.  This is no different than any professional who needs to attend trainings and workshops to stay current while keeping their skills sharp. 

In the world of face painting, you will want to consider attending face and body art conventions.  There are a few reasons to do this. 

  • First, you want to learn tips and techniques to improve your work with different brushes and sponges. 
  • Second, you want to know what's going on in the world of face painting.  So much is happening from new face paints coming out to bling you can create and add to a child's face improving your design and their experience. 
  • And, third, is networking (the one word most of us don't like).  You'll want to meet and connect with as many attendees as you can so you can get and share tips and tricks, develop friendships and build partnerships.

2.  A professional face painter only buys the best quality face paints available.  They do not buy or ever use acrylic paints (NEVER use acrylic paint on anyone's face or skin).  They buy and use products specifically designed for face painting including, but not limited to, the following FDA approved brands:

  • TAG
  • Wolfe
  • Paradise
  • FAB
  • Global

They also use split cakes which are two to six colors in a paint cake that are sponged or brushed onto the face of the child or adult.  These are beautiful cakes and they can enhance your work tremendously.

You'll also find arty cakes are a fabulous choice.  Arty cakes are smaller, rectangular cakes where a 3/4 brush is used to pick up the colors to brush on the face.  They're also quite stunning when used in designs.

3.  You'll want and need the best quality brushes.  Round brushes are absolutely the work horses of the face painting profession.  There are many other brushes to have in your arsenal including angled, flat, filbert and chiseled brushes all of which will contribute to producing a beautiful final work of art.

One of the most popular brands of brushes is the Loew Cornell brush set. There are different Loew Cornell series, but this is good start because. Loew Cornell brushes hold up well from multiple use. The bristles retain their elasticity and bend when doing line work on a child's face and this produces very good results of the overall design.

4.  Get yourself business liability insurance.  This may seem obvious but not everyone buys this.  It makes you look professional when you can offer up a certificate of liability to a business owner who may wish to host your services for a business anniversary celebration for example. 

You and your work will be taken more seriously when you can ask, "Will you need a certificate of liability?  I can provide one."  I've had business owners compliment me on this because they felt assured they were working with a professional and not some fly-by-night painter who decided to paint faces today.  I'm not suggesting this is the case for you, but it is worth it in the long run to buy insurance and let others know you have it.  It'll run about $350 a year, maybe less, and you'll need to research this in your area. 

5.  "Practice relentlessly in private."   I love this quote from Entrepreneur.com's article 3 Ways Millionaires Think Differently Than You (read the full article here  https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/292799.)

Practice is the bedrock of success in face painting.  There is no escaping this fact and if you try you simply will not do well. 

"'People are rewarded in public for what they’ve practiced for years in private,' [Tony] Robbins said. If you want to one day think like a millionaire, you must hone and perfect your craft daily."  To be the face painting professional you aspire to be, you'll need to find the time to devote to your craft each day even if you only have 30 minutes.  Life is busy for many of us, but making time for practice is crucial to your success.

As Author Brendon Burchard said, “Make a practice of mastering skillsets. A practice is a recurring habit or routine that deepens your skill in any given area. Without daily exposure and immersion in the area you are trying to learn, you will never achieve mastery. Learning must be an everyday discipline.”

Without practicing you'll find your lines and tear drops are not what they should be and you'll be disappointed in your work.  It will affect your self-confidence as you try to sell your services to the public.  You must be relentless in pursuing your craft as a face painting professional and when you do, people will notice how well you do it.  And, most importantly for your business success, these people, your customers, will want your number to call you for their son or daughter's birthday party.

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