Face Painting Security Tips

Stay Safe While You Work

Face painting security tips

Face painting security tips are something to keep in mind while you work.  Seems strange to talk about safety, but you will provide this service in some interesting places.

I did a "Picnic With the Cops" community events where the park location was sketchy.  The park had largely been taken over with drugs and prostitution.  The police offered this event to reclaim that particular park for local families.

The police presence eliminated my worries about safety. 

However, community events don't always finish on time.  And, when people have been waiting to be painted they can get upset when the line closes.

It can be serious for you, the entertainer. 

In this current time, people feel entitled to just about anything and when this is the case they can become threatening.  Some entertainers have been followed to their cars while the parent pleads for their service.  Others have been yelled out and profanity used because the parents were tired and frustrated and didn't get what they wanted.

Unicorn face painting by Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment, Vallejo

As part of your face painting security tips, you may be confronted with unruly parents and their children.

This is of concern at large community events so you will want to plan a few things:

  • Determine if you have the capacity to handle the numbers of kids you'll paint or twist balloons for.
  • If you know you can't manage the numbers, get an assistant.  If an assistant isn't possible be very upfront with the organizer as to what you can handle.
  • Ask if they'll provide a volunteer line manager.  You cannot provide your service and manage the line at the same time.  This is counterproductive and simply doesn't work.
  • Bring a helper if you're accepting tips.  This can be a friend or family member who may not twist or paint, but who can keep track of the numbers of kids and also keep an eye on your tip jar.

You'll find yourself performing your services in private homes.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing since many of my entertainment services are done in private homes.  The issue can be when someone is drinking and gets out of hand.  They may be inclined to want to be "too friendly" or invade your personal space.  This happens more with women than men and is uncomfortable to say the least. 

In this situation your face painting security tips to consider:

  • Text a friend/family member letting them know things aren't right.
  • Park close to the home so you don't need to walk too far.
  • Tell the client you cannot accept this behavior and if it doesn't stop immediately you're leaving.
  • Try to keep your set up minimal so you can leave quickly if needed.

All of the entertainment I've done in private homes has gone well overall.  I haven't had serious concerns about anyone's misbehavior both with adults and with the children. 

That said, when I do get inquiries for my children's entertainment services, I check social media including Facebook, Instagram, Google search and LinkedIn.  There may be other social media you use that you should consider doing some research to see what you find.

You're not being nosy, but you do need some idea of the type of person you may be serving your entertainment, too.  A lot of what people post on their Facebook page can be a signal to you they aren't the appropriate client for your services. 

Be critical and be informed.  It is your safety after all and you don't want to jeopardize it.

Last of my face painting security tips to consider include Googling the address of the party location for private homes.  None of this applies for community events (if you know the area) or memorial halls or venues where people are renting a space for their event. 

A search of the address allows you to better understand the neighborhood.  If you feel the client lives in an area you're not comfortable with, don't take the booking. 

Remember your safety is first. 

If you get hurt you can't provide for your family.  If you get hurt it'll take the shine off the fun you provide. 

My parting tip includes letting someone know where you're going.  Text them when you arrive and let them know when you've completed the party.  This way your husband or wife or friend will know about when to expect you.  Keep them in the know and keep these face painting security tips in mind the next time you book a gig.

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