Fun Parties for Kids
Include Creativity, Freedom to Experiment and
Hands On Play

Let me just say fun parties for kids are a blast with slime making.  It may seem a little crazy.  I mean, why would you want a messy, really messy, party experience?

Well that's just the thing. 

Slime parties are incredible party experiences because the mess is contained while allowing kids to enjoy the freedom to experiment!  That is the awesomeness of slime parties. 

Kids absolutely want to make slime but their parents don't want the mess.  Of course when parents are busy juggling so much, the last thing they want to deal with is another mess to clean up.

Kids love the hands-on play and creativity slime making provides. 

This point alone is super important. 

When kids exit preschool they get so few opportunities for sensory play activities.  Of course, playing and making messes is something children enjoy.  This is why slime making is the coolest sensory play for kids; they LOVE it!

Slime Makes Fun Parties for Kids

In our experience, fun parties for kids involves hands on entertainment.  Kids get the most value from creating something of their own.  With slime being the biggest craze right now, it's the perfect kids party activity.

Slime making is simply the best kind of messy, creative fun kids 4-years-old and up enjoy.  They have a blast! Not only do kids love making slime, but they don't want to stop for cake time. 


You may need to drag your child away from the party to sing happy birthday and get some cake.  They're just too busy having fun making their awesome creations.

With kids spending so much of their time on phones and tablets, they jump at getting their hands on slime making.  They can enjoy making as many batches of different slime as they like and showing their creations off to their parents. 

It's the best kind of messy, squishy, creative fun your child will love.  They will rave about all the fun they had with their friends making something they can all play with.

The best part is:  No set up or clean up by you! 

  • Everything is done for you which means that you enjoy your party. 
  • We keep their work area clear so they enjoy plenty of space. 
  • Specially made slime for the birthday celebrant(s).
  • Slime for you to include with your goody bags.
  • Hands on sensory play.
  • 1.5 hours of creative fun

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