How to Hire A Face Painter

You have a birthday party coming up and wonder, how to hire a face painter for your event. 

Where do you look?

Who do you talk to?

If you haven't ever hired entertainment for your child's birthday party previously, you'll want to keep the below tips in mind.

Determine your budget...

Face painters charge anywhere from $80 to $125 an hour and more for adult face painting events.  This price range is found in the Bay Area of California and may be more or less where you're located.

This price range, however, could cause you sticker shock. 

After all, it's only paint? 

Some brushes?

Why so expensive you ask?

Face painters who are committed to their craft are spending money to get better and better at what they do.  They also spend money on things like:

  • FDA approved face painting paints
  • Brushes 
  • Equipment (e.g., chairs, table, rolling tote, menu board, designs)
  • liability insurance
  • business license
  • professional development such as attending face painting conventions to learn new designs and work with different products
  • travel

All of the above contribute to the cost of a professional face painter's fees.

Hire a face painter who is licensed and insured?

Insurance is a big expense for entertainers and the fact that an artist has insurance demonstrates their commitment to their profession

Of course, you can hire an artist without insurance.  And, if you do, it's most likely going to be a referral from a friend who had a good experience with them and likes their work.

A business license is typically issued by the city or town where the artist resides and offers further evidence of the artist's commitment to their craft.  Ideally you want to work with licensed and insured artists whenever possible simply because your expectations are more likely to be met and exceeded.

When you hire a face painter you don't personally know, search out a professional face painter on social media or Google.  See if they have reviews and what those reviews tell you about working with them.

What do you know about the face painter?

Check out Yelp, Instagram and Facebook groups.  Talk with friends who have recently hired face painters to get their impressions.  You'll get the skinny on whether you want to book their face painter or not. 

Ideally, you want to understand what kind of personality you'll be working with and how the face painter is with children.

The artist's attitude and patience determines whether the children's face painting experience is a good one, or a disastrous one. You can find this out by asking what kinds of face painting events they've done previously.

Do they have referrals they can provide?

The artist should direct you to their website for photos of their work and for you to read their reviews. 

What products are used?

You may not think to inquire about the products used when you hire a face painter, but it's worth asking the question.  Professionals will share this information willingly and may even provide you with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) so you can read more about what exactly is put in the FDA approved paint.

When requested, I offer the MSDSs about my face painting products. 

I want my clients to understand what I will apply to their child's face.  I think it's important to educate clients about FDA approved paints and allow her to decide if its okay. 

Before you hire an artist, check out samples of their work.  

It's not rude or uncommon to ask to see samples of their work. Most face painters take pictures of their designs to include with their portfolios.

When you hire a face painter keep the above tips in mind.  Ask questions and keep the lines of communication open.  You want to work with a professional who is responsive, reliable, helpful and who works well with children.  This way your child's face painting event is a success!

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