Learn How to Make Balloon Animals with
Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment!

Have you wondered how to make balloon animals?

They certainly look cool and kids go nuts for them.  Actually, adults get a kick out of neat balloon animals, too.  If you start learning to make balloon animals for parties you'll get busy for sure.

You may wonder where to start...

I can help you learn. 

I've been twisting balloons for 4 years and I would enjoy helping you learn the art and skill of balloon twisting.

My best advice is to be patient with yourself. 

One of the ways I'm helping people learn balloon twisting is with my YouTube channel at Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment.

New designs are posted every Thursday.

No one becomes a master at anything over night. 


Take breaks when you get frustrated and come back to it again.  Once you learn some basic balloon twisting techniques you can really take off and develop your own creations. 

How to make balloon animals with Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment...

And, while we're on the subject, the Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment channel offers balloon related learning for a balloon business. 

You'll find tutorials on...

  • balloon twisting basics
  • making balloon décor - centerpieces, table top designs, columns and arches
  • using equipment for both décor projects and balloon twisting
  • décor designs are air filled rather than helium
  • balloon business tips

So, whether you're 10 years old or 75 years old, making balloon animals is something you can learn.  Yes, it takes patience, practice and persistence, but it's a fun activity to learn and brings lots of joy to others who receive your designs. 

Be sure to comment with questions you have about how to make balloon animals on my YouTube channel.  I'll be sure to read it and get back to you! 

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