How to Tie a Balloon Easily

How to tie a balloon is one of the most commonly asked questions.  If you have never twisted a balloon before you may wonder how to tie it off in the first place!

After all, you inflated it and now need to keep the air inside.  Fortunately it's not difficult to do, but there is a process to it.

This article will explain step-by-step how to accomplish tying off a balloon.  The goal is to do this quickly, easily and comfortably.  Any time you are doing a task repeatedly you want to make it simple.  This is particularly true for the numbers of balloons you may tie at any given party.

Let's get started with how to tie a balloon...

If you want to see how I do this by video instead, please watch my YouTube channel.  I have a video devoted to tying balloons.

Step One:  The first is simply loading the balloon nozzle onto your balloon pump.  Simply hold the nozzle onto the pump once you've rolled it on.  Begin inflating your balloon to the desired length.

Step Two:  This second step is quite important.  When you grab a hold of the balloon nozzle you must ensure you grab enough balloon.  Do not grab close to the nozzle.  Instead, grab about an inch or more from the nozzle.

This way, you will have enough length in your balloon to easily stretch it around your fingers.  If you don't catch enough of the balloon or it's too close to the nozzle you won't have enough balloon to go around your fingers.

Not enough balloon means you'll hurt your fingers trying to make the latex go around.  This will tire out your fingers quickly.

Step Three:  Once you've grabbed far enough back from the nozzle you can easily pull the balloon around your index and middle fingers. 

Step Four:  Now you're just about ready to finish tying off your balloon.  A groove is created when two of your fingers are side-by-side.  This "groove" allows you to pull the nozzle through as you'll see in the next step.

Step Five:  In this step you'll pull the nozzle through the groove created by your two fingers.  If possible, keep your nails short.  Since you will do this several times in the course of an event you want short nails to avoid scratching the tops of your fingers.

Step Six:  Lastly, in this step you will have knotted the balloon.  Once you pull the nozzle through you are all set!  The balloon is knotted and you have completed the task of how to tie a balloon. 

It is not hard to tie a balloon.  The real "trick" if there is one, is that you do not tie off the balloon close to the nozzle.  This is the biggest problem when starting out.  When people do tie too close to the nozzle they struggle to knot the balloon.  Avoid this by allowing more length between the nozzle and where you pinch off the balloon to tie it.

Give it a go!  And, if the illustrations I have offered don't quite work for you, try and experiment.  You want to be comfortable tying balloons and there are many ways to do this.  I demonstrated what works for me and hopefully my method works for you. :)

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