Indoor Birthday Party Games 

Indoor birthday party games are a great solution when the weather won't cooperate. 

Kids love playing games and including them s part of the birthday party will make it fun and entertaining.  You don't need to spend much money to make this work. 

And, the games don't need to be super competitive.  Just have some basic rules and keep the speed of the games going.  This way the kids won't get bored or frustrated.

There's really one BIG rule to playing indoor birthday party games:  have fun! 

Don't get into lots of rule for little ones to follow because they'll lose interest.  Keep it simple, keep it going and keep it fun!

Check out these 7 top games to play at your little one's next party:

Fun indoor birthday party games...

1.  Ribbon Match:

For the Ribbon Match game you'll need lengths of wrapping ribbon - one length for each child.  Ribbons are varying lengths but cut so that there are pairs of equal lengths.

Each child is given a length of ribbon. 

On "GO!" children move around and compare lengths of ribbon until they find their partner with the same length.  Any child without a partner is eliminated.  Collect ribbons and one ribbon is swapped for another ribbon of a different length. 

Repeat with children without a partner being eliminated.  Play until only one pair remains, the winners. 

2.  Balloon pop:

With a few pieces of paper and a board filled with balloons you can let kids loose to start popping balloons.

Balloon popping indoor game.

A basement or spare room should work just fine for this game.

Fill the balloons with small pieces of paper.  Have gold, silver and bronze prizes for the child who pops the balloons with the most colored pieces of paper inside.

Provide 3-4 balloons for every child and make sure there are no sharp objects or teeth allowed to pop the balloons.

This is great to include with your indoor birthday party games because it can easily be a non-elimination game.  This way everyone gets something for participating and the winner gets an additional small prize.

3.  Wild Card:

You'll need four cards and 4 signs with the words - Beach, Sun, Sand, Vacation.  Music is required.

Each corner or four areas of the room are assigned Beach, Sun, Sand, Vacation.  A sign is put up in each corner.

Children dance to the music. 

When the music stops each child chooses a corner or area to go to.  The caller than draws a card and calls out what is on the card.  All children in that corner are eliminated. 

When four or less children remain, each corner can only have one child at the most.  Winner is the last child remaining.

4.  Object hunt:

Choose a small coin or object and get someone to hide it in one room of your home.

This is a variation of hide and seek but the goal is to hide a small object in an eye spy style game. See how creative kids can be and if your party guests can find the object.

Musical chairs indoor game.

5.  Musical chairs: a big favorite of parties musical chairs can be a fun activity for kids to enjoy. Have music running over your iPhone or stereo and get kids to circle around chairs for the total number of people at the party -1 each time.

As guests are unable to make it to a chair as music stops they are eliminated from the game.

Remove a chair at each round until the game gets down to 2 people!

Pass the parcel indoor game.

6.  Parcel pass: wrap a large present in as many layers as possible and begin passing around the box allowing kids to remove one layer at a time.

Kids may pass the parcel with music on and when the music stops the person holding the parcel may unwrap the layer until the prizes are revealed!

Ideally the music stops at the birthday child.  You want them to open the present and be super excited at the present inside. 

You can have coloring books, stickers and anything else to make the gift fun.

7.  Simon Says: Enjoy a fun game of Simon Says where the leader gives the orders.

Be sure the guests only perform actions when the leader says “simon says” first. If the group performs actions without this command all who perform actions are eliminated.

Keep some of these top indoor birthday party games in mind for your next event.  They're sure to be popular for all your guests who participate.  Adding small prizes or candy along with upbeat music really makes these games fun and enjoyable for everyone.

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