Kid Party Games - Lets Have Fun!

Okay, so you’re planning a your child's birthday party and need kid party games? But it’s been a long time since you were a kid. So how do you entertain them?

Well, you could go out and rent a bouncy house for a few hundred bucks an hour, but that could be outside of your price range.

Fortunately, the good news is it’s pretty easy to pull some games together yourself.

First, consider the age group you're entertaining. If they’re in the 3-6 years age range, you don’t need to sweat a lot about coming up with something modern. Here are a few classic games that are still relevant today:

Pin The Tail On The Donkey – All you need is a picture of a donkey (or a mermaid or anything really), some cloth “tails” with pins (or better yet, velcro) and a blind fold.

And remember … it doesn’t matter that this game may seem old and worn out to you. To your kids, it’s brand new and lots of fun for them.

Duck, Duck, Goose – is an easy game to start.  You can line up some chairs, pick someone who is “it”, and then let them loose. Chairs are not necessary, however, because grass or a floor if you’re inside works just as well.

Kids don’t care particularly and they will have a blast with this one!

Musical Chairs – A great one for kid party games and as a follow-up to Duck, Duck, Goose. While they’re playing Duck, Duck, Goose, hook up an iPhone with speakers or turn on a stereo. You’re all set to begin Musical Chairs after they’ve tired of Duck, Duck, Goose.

Simon Says – Be the leader for one round if the kids haven’t done this before. Then, pick one of the kids to be “it” for the second round.

The classic games still rule.

Balloon Pop – This can be a great game for the last one of the party, because it’s a quick and fun way to get the kids to help take the decorations down. Just be sure to have a trash can handy and to instruct them that they don’t get credit for popping a balloon until they put the popped balloon in the trash.

Whoever pops and tosses the most balloons wins a small prize.

Kid Party Games for ages 6-10

Of course, if your kids are in the 6-10 year range, you’ll need some different kid party games. Here are a few for as a starting point.

Anagram Challenge – It’s easy enough to create one, but if you don’t have the time or  energy, just buy a kid’s anagram book at your local Barnes & Noble and cut up the pages.

Relay Races – There are so many varieties that the kind of Relay Race you select is merely a matter of taste. Equalize athletic abilities with things like having to go on hands-and-knees, duck walking, tying runners together to force them to work together instead of against each other … the sky’s the limit with possibilities.

Find Harry Potter – get a picture or a figurine of Harry Potter (or any famous character they know, really), show it to the kids, then hide it somewhere. First one to find Harry Potter wins a prize.

What’s My Name? – attach a small sign to the “it” person’s forehead showing either a written name or a picture of someone known to the kids, and ask the “it” person to guess the name based on 20 questions.

Blind Man’s Bluff – a classic game that never gets old. It’s ideal when the kids are full of cake and ice cream and need to burn off some sugar.  All you need is a blindfold and some open space without serious obstacles and this can make a fun addition to your kid party games.

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