Kids Party Foods

Kids party foods can be simple or more elegant depending on what you want to achieve.  Most kids can be really easy to please when it comes to food since they have their favorites.

Of course, you may not want to serve pizza or macaroni and cheese if that's food they have more regularly.  The neat thing about kids parties is how you can be creative and just have fun.  Change up your presentation and definitely hide the good food (yes, those veggies!) inside your offerings so they don't know they're getting healthy - yet tasty - food!

These yummy foods will get kids snacking and connecting with one another. Here are some fun kids party foods to make at your next birthday party.

Kids party foods - serving up some delicious fun

Pigs in a blanket:

Kids love hotdogs but they can often grow a bit messy. With the help of some unique dipping sauce like chipotle mayo, ranch and ketchup, you can enjoy giving kids hotdogs which are all put together.

Just get some philo pastry or Pillsbury wraps, wrap up the hotdogs and bake them until the crust is crispy!


Tiny burgers made out of meatball sized hamburgers and tiny buns can be a fantastic party favor. Consider making these tiny cheeseburger sliders for your next event so that kids can have less messy cheeseburgers that are all put together with toppings.

Small slider cheeseburgers also make sure kids can eat just what they need if one full-sized burger would normally be too much.


Cupcakes are a great bite-size snack kids absolutely love. Consider making cupcakes over a full sized cake because they're much easier to clean up and children could potentially even decorate them with the icing they want.

Decorating cupcakes or even cookies can be a fantastic way to get kids involved in an activity station at the party to ensure they enjoy what they're eating and get a great dessert too.

Sweet potato wedges: Cut up sweet potatoes and bake them in the oven with oil and seasoning to make some amazing fries which are budget friendly.   Sweet potatoes you bake at home are also healthier for kids to enjoy as a side dish!

Simple chicken wings: Put together a few different sauces and then bake up some plain chicken wings in the oven. Lay them out on a platter and give kids the option to toss the wings in their own sauces with some plastic bowls so they can try out their own flavors!

These fun, kid friendly food choices will be a hit at your next birthday party!  You can offer variety of choices without breaking the bank.  They're all relatively easy to put together and children will enjoy trying them.

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