Need to Hire Face Painters?

Do you need to hire face painters for your next company or community event? 

No worries. 

Here at Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment ("HBKE"), I can help.  I offer face painting services for private parties, corporate and community events.  While I primarily work alone, if you're event has lots of children, I can reach out to other face painting friends to bring in reinforcements to you event.  This way you can have more painters at your party.

I recently painted at the Vallejo Police Department's ongoing "Picnic With the Cops" community event.  They have begun reaching out to the local community to host events for families to enjoy.  This event was a success.  It was very well attended with over 125 people coming out and approximately 50 children.  I painted those 50 children in just over 3 hours!

When you need to hire face painters...

You'll want to keep a few things in mind.

  • Does the face painter(s) have a business license? 
  • Why is this important? 

A business license shows the owner is committed to their craft and their business.  They also want to establish themselves within their community as local business owners.  Working with a business owner who takes their work seriously means you'll get a better experience.  They are not hiring someone out for the job.  They're coming in person to do the work and that's important for you.  If there are any questions or concerns you can and should get them addressed immediately.  A face painter business owner provides regular, open communication, simple billing, great attitude and good work.

  • Is he or she insured? 

So business insurance is a big expense for face painters.  It's a big expense for many small businesses.  Artists who pursue their skills professionally are committed to providing a high level of service to their clients will carry liability insurance. 

I'm rarely asked for this documentation where private parties are concerned.  However, with corporate or community events, I'll often ask the organizer if they want this and quickly and easily provide it to them when they do. 

  • Determine what your needs are for your event. 

Are you looking for the best face painter? What exactly does the best face painter mean for you?  You may need cheek art if you're serving many children at a festival-type event.  The best face painter should provide outstanding customer experience, great designs, patience with kids and have a wonderful attitude.

Or you need to hire face painters for a company picnic with less children and want to give them full face painting with bling, glitter and more.  This is a fabulous way, too, to reward the children's hard working parents since they'll feel appreciated knowing their kids are having an awesome time.

At HBKE, I am here to serve you.  I work hard to provide the best service and experience for my clients and their families.  Birthday parties are special celebrations we only have once a year.  I know these celebrations are important for moms.  These parties need to be fun and memorable not only for the parents, but for the birthday child and his or her friends.

Company events are also important social gatherings where everyone can relax and enjoy themselves with their families.  These are great opportunities for colleagues to get away from the office, have fun while enjoying music and great food. 

The next time you need to hire face painters, contact me and I'll be more than happy to help you enjoy stress free entertainment.

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