Party Entertainment for Children

Party entertainment for children needs to accomplish two things:  entertainment needs to be engaging and kids need to have a blast.  These two elements are optimal for a memorable birthday party.

Ask yourself about the birthday parties you've been to in the past. 

  • What were they like? 
  • Were they interesting for your child? 
  • Were you entertained seeing the fun your child was having? 

Now imagine you're invited to a birthday party and not much thought is given to the kids entertainment.  These parties tend to drag on.  They're okay for the adults, but the parents bringing children would love to see their kids having a blast! 

You as the parent throwing the party want to hear how fabulous your event was, right.  You don't want to hear it was a snooze fest.

You want your party to be memorable!  When it's memorable, fun and engaging, you're perceived as a superstar within your circle of friends.  Why?  Because you know how to party!

There is an art to party entertainment for children yet it doesn't have to be expensive.  Yes, the age of the child is a factor in how you'll entertain the group, but specifically you need a plan of action.  A jumpy house is often the go-to entertainment.  It doesn't require much set up or much thought.  The expectation is the kids will jump around for a bit, have some fun and be tuckered out ready for the trip home.

Ideas for party entertainment for children

In addition to a bouncy house, if you feel that's what you need to have, consider incorporating games for the kids to play.  They don't have to be complicated or competitive.  They should be interactive.  Integrate games where skill isn't needed.  And, reward the child with made up points or with a small prize.

So what kinds of party entertainment for children are available to you and your budget?

  • Games are fun.  You can do traditional games such as pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey or pin-the-tail-on-the-mermaid.  There are also balloon relay game where kids put a balloon between their knees and race to get to a mid-point without dropping it, then turn back with the same balloon between their ankles.  This is a fun game to play with teams.  You don't have to award prizes but you can award points or something similar. 

  • You can rent a venue such as a skating rink, a Chucke Cheese, a trampoline center, go cart center, small amusement parks such as Pixie Land or something similar.  The small amusement parks work well with younger children around 4 and up. 

Sometimes, though, a venue isn't available.  Now what?  You have the option of a park, a friend's house, your parent's house or your own home.  Whatever location you 're working with consider providing a jumpy house if that's what you like.  And also consider offering professional entertainment. 

Professional entertainment can be...

  • magician with age appropriate magic tricks.  This can be for ages over 4 although 5-years-old seems to be about the right age for engagement in this type of entertainment.  It does depend, too, on how the magician entertains and whether they use comedy and balloons in their act or something else to focus the attention of the young ones.

  • Since I offer entertainment you can consider Hooray Balloons party entertainment for your needs.  I do balloon twisting and kids love this!  It's always a hit and they can never get enough.  Balloon twisting is great to add to your entertainment line up if you're not planning anything else.  However, face painting is also an option as well.  This is very popular with kids and adults like to jump in line, too. 

  • Indoor venue or park, whatever the case may be, you'll still need something for the kids to do.  Art activities are very popular or hiring a comedy magician.  You can also consider including a balloon twister and a face painter or a person who works with bubble....a bubblologist. 
  • If you are entertaining kids over the age of 5 you may also consider a balloon twisting workshop.  I've twisted at parties where young kids have been so interested in how the balloons come together they've wanted to give it a go themselves!  I love this and love their enthusiasm and desire to learn.  A balloon workshop can help foster this curiosity.

Do some research on party entertainment for children before you have your party.  This way you have engaging things for the kids to do.  It's not much fun for kids to go to a party and without any focus for them.  It's so much more enjoyable for kids to have a memorable time playing games, getting painted, watching balloons twisting or twisting balloons themselves or watching a magic show with their friends. 

A two hour birthday party package is a great solution for your event.  If you're not sure about the entertainment to provide, contact me and I'll help you put together a party package for your event.

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