Rainbow Balloon Arch

Rainbow Balloon Arch by Hooray Balloons, Vallejo, California

A rainbow balloon arch will definitely add magic to your décor!  The one pictured above is a beautiful variety of balloon sizes and a colorful palette of latex balloons.

This arch would be neat for a St. Patrick's Day party or for a child's birthday party.  It's also delightful in a grocery store or mall since its colors and design will definitely catch people's attention. 

And, what luck! There's gold to be found in this enjoyable and playful arch design. 

Somewhere over the rainbow balloon arch...

The height of above arch is 4.9 feet and its length is 11 feet. 

As a table arch it's used for table décor which is why it's smaller than an entryway arch.  It can work well on the gift table or on a dessert table.  Wherever you put this arch, it'll have a positive impact.

Were you thinking of making your own arch... a kind of do-it-yourself balloon project?

You can absolutely make this arch yourself.

It's not too difficult to put together.  It does require consistent sizing of the balloons or you will distort the design.  It won't have the same asymmetrical beauty you would have if it's correctly and consistently sized.

The white balloons are 12 inch round balloons and they're inflated at different two different sizes including 10 inches and 8 inches to give variety to the structure.  You then need to inflate 12 eight inch balloons and than another 12 ten inch balloons.  The inflated balloons are tied together into a cluster of four -- all the same sizes are tied together.

The colorful balloons are 5 inch round balloons and they are underinflated to 4 inches.  You can choose whatever colors you want for this arch.

You could make this arch with even smaller balloons or larger bigger inflated balloons, but not too much bigger.  The larger the balloon size you use the less balloons you'll need to cover the arch pole. 

Smaller sized balloons where you underinflate to 4 inches instead of 5 inches makes the design more compact and enhances the look.  It's matter of opinion, really, but sometimes sizing the balloons smaller makes them look very good once all the balloons are on the arch pole. 

The arch itself  can be picked up online at Amazon or perhaps even at a local Walmart.  It just depends on how much the store stocks it's party supplies.

This rainbow balloon arch is fun to make.  Kids love it and will get wonderful reactions from your guests who see it.

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