Why Retirement Party Games Are
the Secret Ingredient

what's in your phone retirement party game

Retirement party games make celebrating a huge milestone career event engaging and memorable.  They are a terrific way to inject fun, laughter and good times into a special event.

No doubt about it a retirement is a huge occasion. 

There should be lots of fanfare over this career accomplishment. A person devoting 30 plus years to an organization is significant. Recognize this achievement in an engaging way for the celebrant. They deserve it!

The retiree won't be looking for much beyond the recognition of their work and how it helped others. So games are a great way to get everyone involved. Games are not only for little ones - grownups enjoy them too. Silly games give people a chance to warm up.

Different games can make a retirement party memorable, funny and engaging. Be sure to include include silly prizes to add to all the merriment.

Retirement party games include balloons...

balloon twisting retirement party game

A balloon experience is creative, out-of-the-box entertainment!  Balloons are definitely not just for kids.  Everyone can enjoy twisting them into easy, fun designs.

Be as inventive as you want with the pre-inflated balloons. No worries about inflating and tying them off saving you a lot of time.  Get started twisting a simple design and create balloon hats, jewelry and more.

It's colorful, creative and empowering as you learn something new and enjoyable. Keeping the balloons soft (not inflated too much) helps avoid popping them. Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment can put together a fabulous balloon experience for you.

Find the retiree in the collage.

Most of us have no idea what our colleagues looked like long before we started working with them. The idea here is to have the retiree provide a few pictures of themselves of when they were growing up.

The more silly a picture you can get your hands on, the better but definitely with the consent of the retiree.

Put up a class photo from their Kindergarten or First Grade to identify which child was the retiree. This always turns out interesting results.

Do a collage of all the pictures you have collected of the retiree in their younger days. Put them on a separate board and vote on which photo is the cutest or silliest of the retiree.

Draw all answers out of a hat or bag until you come across a winner and award the winning guess a small prize.

Memory punch bowl:

Place a punch bowl on the table where friends sign in at the guest book. It should have small index cards next to the bowl.

Ask people to write down on the index card some of their top memories they may have shared with the retiree. During the festivities the retiree reviews the responses. He or she shares stories of the fun, silly memories.

Talent show?

Organizing a small, simple talent contest with the retiree as the judge can be hilarious fun. You don't know what kinds of talent you'll discover. And, it'll be great to see colleagues in a different context outside of work.

Encourage colleagues to put on at least one small act or talent. Allow the retiree to pick the winning presentation at the end. The winner of the talent show receives a prize and all participants receive a small gift.

This can be a fun retirement party game since guests learn the hidden talents of their friends.

These retirement party games should get you thinking of ways you can make a retirement party fun. Involve the retiree to find out what they want so you can make it the best party ever for them.

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