How Spiderman Face Painting Isn't As Bad
As You Think

Spider-Man face painting by Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment, Vallejo

Spiderman face painting is one of the most popular face painting ideas for boys.  Little boys can't get enough of this very cool superhero.

Once the party starts and the birthday boy has his face painted to look like Spiderman, it isn't too long afterward that many of the other boys will want the same design.

There's nothing like having your own Spiderman posse at your birthday party! :)

Spiderman face a hero!

When it comes to face painting ideas for kids, the Spiderman design is top of mind.  Face painters enjoy painting this design because it's fairly quick and impressive.  The boys - and their friends - just love it!

It uses no more than three basic colors - red, white and black.  The design itself is largely sponge work to get the eyes and face adequately covered. 

Not all children want their entire face painted since the paint, when it dries, may feel tight on the skin.  That skin tightness all over a child's face, could make them uncomfortable.  The great thing about the Spiderman design, is it can cover the forehead, top of eyes and sides of the face, but not the entire mouth, nose and cheek areas.

Fortunately, too, these paints wash off easily.  There may be some staining from the red color, but a little extra scrubbing with a warm, soapy wash cloth should do the trick to remove it.

Spider-Man face painting by Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment, Vallejo

Don't forget! Little girls dig this superhero design, too. 

And, why wouldn't they? 

Every child wants to be a superhero to be stronger, faster and more clever than they already are.  Heck, adults want to be superheroes for the same reason!

Really any superhero design is just the right amount of fantasy for children at birthday parties and that's what makes face painting for kids so much fun. 

I enjoy face painting my children as well as the boys and girls at birthday parties.  The kids are always very eager to try on a "new face".  And, when the mirror is handed to them to look at the finished design, the surprise and delight on their faces is absolutely priceless. 

It's almost a struggle to get the mirror back!

Spider-Man face painting by Hooray Balloons Kids Entertainment, Vallejo

The Spiderman face painting is easily embellished with glitter puffed all over the face for girls.  Glitter does make every cute face painting pop even more.

Of course, an awesome and equally fabulous option is liquid bling. 

Shhhh.  That's a secret.

Liquid glitter goes on easily to add further depth and character to a Spiderman design.  It's perfect for the birthday boy because it adds another level of specialness to his design the other boys don't have. 

If you want excited kids at your next superhero party, definitely have face painting that includes Spiderman.  Before you know it, all of the birthday boy's friends will be wearing their super cool Spidey faces and loving it.

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