Why Summer Birthday Party Ideas
Beat Peanut Butter on Pancakes

Summer birthday party ideas are the bomb! You have so much flexibility to create the ideal party for your child.  With two of my own summer birthday babies, I'm a big fan of summer celebrations.

Kids are out of school and they love parties! Friends are invited to come to their home and the birthday child can show off his room.  Of course, only if he's old enough.  Young children love giving tours of their house.  They enjoy the energy and excitement of having guests in their home.

Summer birthday party ideas...

A Pool Party is definitely one of many neat summer birthday party ideas. 

With warm summers, everyone wants to cool off.  A pool, if you have one, is easy entertainment for kids.  There isn't much else for you to do.  Kids will spend the majority of their time in the pool.

Camp in your own backyard!  You could host a summer camp out with a bonfire, S'mores, a movie and games.   Set up a projector and hang a white sheet out to project your movie onto. 

Follow the movie with a bonfire and get those S'mores out for everyone to make together.  Think about games you can include as well as story telling. 

Outdoor activities like this allow everyone to do something fun together while enjoying nature.  Kids can participate in activities and non-elimination games.  The whole thing could turn into an awesome slumber party!  Set up tents with sleeping bags to complete.

Be outside yet easily within reach of the bathroom and food so you can relax.

Hawaiian luau is a tropical way to enjoy a summer party.  Transport yourself to a beautiful island destination like Kauai. With this top summer birthday party idea, you can create everything from limbo games, to  roasted pig to delicious tropical drinks! 

Don’t forget the coconuts and flower leis.

Cotton Candy party sounds sweet and will draw the kids.  It's no secret cotton candy draws crowds of adults and children.  Everyone loves the sweetness of fairy floss.  It's cool to watch the cotton come together to form a ball of fluff on a stick. 

Add decorations, party favors and some games for a great time.

Carnival parties are an oldie but goodie when it comes to summer birthday party ideas.  Everyone loves going to carnivals because they're fun.  You win prizes, play games, pet small animals...it's great stuff for kids. 

Rent a popcorn machine and put up a pinata.  All the games will be a blast for kids.  And, if they win a small prize all the better.  Carnival parties are definitely cool to host.

Slime party experience is a BIG craze right now.  Kids adore making, handling and playing with slime.  It's gooey fun for kids to create.  Yes, it's messy.  Plan to make it as disposable as you can to expedite cleanup.  And, only do slime outside since you can easily hose things down if needed.

These great summer birthday party ideas should get you thinking about what you'll do this summer for your child's party.  You have are a terrific way to create an enjoyable event and take advantage of beautiful weather.

Read on to learn more DIY party tips!

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