Five Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Wedding entertainment ideas quickly become a subject of discussion when planning a wedding.  Once the date, venue and other details are figured out you'll next need to turn your attention to what fun to offer your guests.

After all, your family and close friends have come to support your biggest life commitment.  You want to show them a good time.

Creative wedding entertainment ideas...

At most weddings you find a photo booth.  This is perhaps one of the most popular entertainment choices.  It can run about $400 depending on where you live for a few hours.  A photo booth is easy to set up, gets great impromptu pics and allows guests to be silly with things like oversized glasses and crazy hats.

No question you need a DJ at your wedding.  Music is critical to your guests enjoying themselves and frankly, letting their hair down.  It isn't often folks can come together hang out, drink and dance with friends and family. Get those beats going and watch everyone have fun.

While a DJ is a must have for any wedding, you can further enhance your wedding with a unique dance floor experience.  A dance floor experience includes awesome balloon hats created just for your guests.

Your guests will take photo opportunities at every chance making your party memorable.

Since the dance floor experience is so unique your guests will talk about your wedding for months.

And, plan on getting a ton of compliments from everyone!  Your wedding entertainment will be special and friends and family will tell you how fabulous it was for them to be a part of.

Balloon animals for kids is neat wedding entertainment idea.  Often, wedding receptions do not have much for kids to do but wedding entertainment for children needs to be a consideration.

Otherwise you may find kids running around hyped up on sugar needing to get all their wiggles and energy out.

Instead get a balloon artist to twist balloon animals.  A fun, engaging game is the balloon guessing game where kids try to figure out what the artist is making.  When they do, they win!  Of course they can go off to do something else or stick around and win a second balloon animal to give to a friend.  It's super fun! The author of this article (that would be me, lol!) snapped the photo at the top of this page from a wedding I entertained at on Mare Island in Vallejo.

Face painting is another fun activity for kids and adults.  People love to be painted with a cute design on their cheek, arm or all over their face.  Face painting is best done after all the important pictures are taken so you can then enjoy silliness and selfies.

Kids love to have their faces painted making this activity a big hit every time for weddings and other parties.

When planning your wedding think about wedding entertainment ideas for adults and especially for kids.  Children want something fun to do at an adult event.  Achieve this goal by adding...

  • a photo booth
  • cool DJ
  • unique dance floor experience
  • balloon twisting and/or
  • face painting. 

With a variety of entertainment, your guests will talk about your wedding for months while you enjoy tons of compliments.

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