Why Wedding Reception Entertainment
is Afraid of the Truth

Wedding reception entertainment should be the bomb!

You worked hard organizing your wedding and planning for every last detail.   Now it's time to have fun!  Your wedding reception is the ultimate in party entertainment.  Anyone in you and your groom's life is there supporting this monumental milestone.

The only trouble with wedding reception entertainment is how it's pretty ordinary.  It's such a huge party to host that it's almost a shame to do the same ole thing.

Be bold do something different unlike any of your peers.

Consider a Dance Floor Party Experience.  This isn't your grandma's dance floor experience!

This experience is big, colorful and exciting.  You and your guests enjoy all the colorful balloons. Girl friends wearing artistic balloon jewelry and gorgeous one-of-a-kind balloon hats.

Memorable, creative and unique wedding reception entertainment...

Family and friends will take selfies and share on Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat.  All pictures of how AWESOME and incredible your wedding reception entertainment is.

A dance floor experience creates memories. 

  • People dancing at your event see special, unique hats and jewelry from balloons.
  • People take pictures with balloons.
  • They notice the uniqueness of the balloon art helping people remember your event.
  • Guests remember your wedding entertainment because it is so unusual and rare.

This experience provides compliments to you.

  • People will talk about the balloons on the dance floor.
  • Many guests will talk about how incredible, special and unique the experience is for them. 

Your event is going to be unique and special.

  • Weddings are pretty much the same all over.  Guests dress up, eat, dance and go home.
  • A dance floor experience is special because balloons are temporary and fun.
  • Guests like to touch and play with the balloons (big topiary designs they can bounce into the air).
  • Guests enjoy the balloon art and dancing is so much more fun.  You'll have guests dancing by themselves because they are having a fabulous time.

The actual party experience is valuable.  Everyone has a great time, you get lots of compliments on your creativity.  Family and friends come away with special memories of your wedding. 

Planning a wedding is so much work.  You want to enjoy the fruits of your labor and you want it to be memorable.  Not forgotten after a few days because it wasn't unique and special for your guests. 

Contact us and make balloon art part of your wedding entertainment.

Dance Floor Experience

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