What Do You Call A Person Who Makes
Balloon Animals?

what do you call a person who makes balloon animals bumble bee and flowers

What do you call a person who makes balloon animals

In the United States, balloon twister is what many people call a person who makes balloon animals. You can also be a balloon artist which is a similar yet more elegant choice of balloon twisting names. 

A balloon artist's work is more than simple balloon dogs.

I'm asked this question from parents at parties where I twist balloons.  I've suggested to people they can call me a balloon artist or a balloon twister.  As a balloon shaper of some neat balloon animals, it's fine to refer to me as a balloon animal person.

Person who makes balloon animals?

what do you call a person who makes balloon animals balloon guitar centerpiece

Call me a balloon artist.

I twist more than simple balloon animals.

I love creating centerpieces and balloon flower decorations. I can understand and take no offense at parties when I'm called a balloon twister. I find both kids and adults are surprised at what I offer on my balloon menu board at parties.  They had no idea they would see a fish on a fishing pole or a parody of a ninja turtle or a jumbo penguin....

A balloon artist or a balloon twister has a special skill called balloon twisting. Balloon twisters learned to inflate, tie and shape balloons into popular cartoon characters.

Their imaginations are limitless as is their enthusiasm and energy for their art.

Where do you live?

In the United States it's common to be called a balloon twister or balloon artist. A balloon artist within the balloon industry is a higher skill level. Some artists take a practical exam to become a Certified Balloon Artist.  The Pioneer Balloon Company administers the exam. They are the leading manufacturer of balloons in the United States.

Unicorn balloon decoration for birthday party.

Balloon twisting is a special talent.  There are artists who create designs small enough to fit into the palm of your hand.  And still others who create complex life sized creations.

The above photo is a ride-inside motorcycle I created for my daughter. 

She loved it! 

Kids love balloons and especially BIG balloon designs.  Balloon creations are only limited to your imagination. 

The beauty of balloon artistry is incredible to see when a person who makes sculptures builds colorful creations.  If you're making very simple, one balloon designs no one will say you're a balloon artist. You're more likely called a balloon twister and not a very creative one. A balloon artist is more than a twister.

Their balloon art evokes feelings of awe and amazement.

What do you call a person who makes balloon animals...

Balloon animals can be anything...

  • flowers
  • swords
  • parodies of characters
  • princesses
  • hats

Balloon animals for parties is a very popular form of entertainment. Kids love seeing straight balloons inflate and become shaped into a fish, a turtle or a princess. Kids and adults adore watching balloon creations come together.  It's good, clean family entertainment for children's birthday parties.

Learning one balloon designs can get you started in this entertainment niche. Once you get the 'twist' of it, you can progress to adding more balloons to create your designs.  Use different sizes and balloon shapes for a more dynamic design.

Balloon twisting is definitely a skill you can learn.

You need a bag of 260 balloons and a balloon pump.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and you may hear 'what do you call a person who makes balloon animals' and decide for yourself. Either way, learning balloon twisting is fun!

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